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 A Memory: Vanilla Twilight

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PostSubject: A Memory: Vanilla Twilight   Thu Sep 10, 2009 2:07 am

The warrior was by himself now, the woman and her father having finally
fled the area. A sword was clenched within his right hand, though the
threat of it was lessened by the ragged breaths of exhaustion that came
from the man. Even worse, his left leg all ready was gashed open, the
backside of his thigh. Manuevering had become painful, and the upcoming
battle promised to agitate the wound.
They emerged from the masses of the trees and entered the clearing,
swooping into the area by air, great wings spanning out from each of
their backs. There seemed to be no end of their numbers coming within
the depths of the woods, but the first wave was upon him now. Shou
almost found himself not moving, in awe of what faced him. Realizing
now that there was no living through this. This was death.
The trickle of a sweatdrop alarmed him and brought him back to a more
rational thought. He was supposed to be buying time.. were he to just
stand here and accept that death, surely they would find her swiftly
afterwards. "Fight!" Shou shouted out, commanding himself to defy death
for as long as he could, to hold onto this thread of life as tightly as
he could, to push himself beyond this fear.
The time was neccessary to ignore the gash of his leg, to force himself
to move regularly at the price of further opening that wound. It no
longer mattered, he'd be lucky if his body came out of this intact at
all. Pushing off of the ground, he suddenly shot up into the air,
spinning his body just before arriving to the first demon and swinging
about his sword, cutting into the thing's side. As another one neared,
coming in from the air below, he kicked out with his foot, striking one
against the demon's head and gaining a foothold afterwards, pushing off
of its shoulders to launch himself further up into the air. Spinning
around, he turned to face downwards to the many demons that were now
below him. Swinging his sword about once more, it was brought over his
head and down, coming to a stop suddenly in front of him. A great
energy bursted forth from the weapon and the user, slamming down into
the demons of the area, forcing all of them towards the ground. A few
of them were crushed to the death, some others remained alive though
greatly injured by the technique.
The human then began his descent downwards the ground once more, and
the things with wings came towards him now that he was aerial and
seemingly vulnerable. More continued to swarm from the forest, but Shou
didn't think to relent now, not this far. As they came, his sword would
come to greet each with its own respectful swing, slicing into the
bodies as they would come, protected by the length of his blade, and
the speed of his attacks here. While the ground came rapidly closing,
Shou realized he wouldn't be able to survive a fall from this height.
The man's body suddenly twisted in the air, having him face head-down
towards the ground and stabbed out just as the earth was rising to take
him. The large sword pierced into the dirt, and the human's firm grip
on the blade's hilt kept him in the air, suddenly halted, and shaken
from the change in movements, though certainly alive.
Demons approached, though, so he allowed himself to touch back down on
the ground, taking up his sword as he ripped it away from the ground it
was embedded into. Shou's leg suddenly stung with pain, an unwelcomed
reminder of the gash that flowed of blood down along his leg. His left
eye twitched, also realizing now that the one who had given him that
wound on his leg hadn't entered the fight just yet. It was definitely
something Shou hadn't wanted to think about, but knew he must face
eventually. 'Better save my energy for the most part, then.. at least,
while I deal with these lesser ones.' Though they certainly could prove
a challenge when they charged in the numbers that they did.
Shou took a step back as a claw swiped just in front of him, aiming to
maul off the man's head, but the thing shrieked as the blade had been
swung around after his evasion, splitting the thing in two just before
him. More continued to come and his blade continued to swing, taking
each one out, though there wasn't a visible end to their onslaught.
Sharp claws tore into the man's shoulder, from a demon that had moved
much swifter than he had expected, though the man also exercised other
powers besides that of swordsmanship. With his bad dominant arm, he
wouldn't have been able to get off an attack to ward those off that
were just in front of him. His other hand thrusted outwards though,
with palm facing his attackers, "Begone!" Shou shouted with force, a
light suddenly shone in the area, illuminating the lands brightly, even
causing the caster himself to close his eyes to shut it out.
"You would be protecting a Manabiya Eliza. This sort of thing is a
little more extended than the norm, though, her family likes to
contract mercenaries to do their bodyguarding. Apparently the last one
suffered unfortunately on the job." Takashou listened to the details of
the mission being offered, uncomfortable with the notion that he might
be serving as some child's bodyguard too long and ruin his reputation.
"I see." The man muttered, averting his eyes away from his commander.
"Don't take too long in deciding. This company has a good reputation
for the fighters that we employ, and you're one of our best. I think
only you can handle this type of mission right now, considering the
amount of deaths that revolve around it. Ken's all ready assigned on
that one drug scene, and Mikami's helping the Sacred Hunters with her
abilities. Of the top three fighters, only you remain to take this one
on.. and it pays good. The Manabiya family has been in the riches since
the city was raised, I think the father played a big role in investing
for the funds of protecting it."
"Hm. So we're dealing with some pretty big players, huh?" Takashou
crossed his arms over his chest, and simply nodded. "All right, I'll
take on this job. Can't be that hard looking over some brat." His
commander chuckled lightly, turning away from him on a spinning chair
and facing the monitors. He punched in several keys on the keyboard
before a file was pulled onto the screen, a biography of the woman.
To Takashou's surprise, it wasn't the rich, spoiled baby brat he
thought it would be. A woman in her late teens, or blooming twenties,
had her picture on the database, the name Manabiya Eliza flashing under
it. Studying the woman, he noted the long black hair, the dark eyes
that complimented it, and the well shaped body that she possessed. "How
much is the pay?" Shou then asked, as that answer would be the deciding
factor whether he took on this mission or not. The other whirled in his
chair once more, facing Takashou with a grin on his face. "A hundred
grand a week, they've offered us."
Takashou's eyebrows lifted lightly. "Heh, well.. I suppose I should go
and meet the Manabiya family, then."
The technique had only served to slow the onslaught of the demons, more
and more came. Shou spat to the side, growling lightly as he rose his
sword out in front of him. The lesser ones continued to come, before
the trees rustled lightly of beings larger coming. Orges came from the
masses of the forest, rushing forward with giant clubs in each of their
hands, a line of them charging. Shou didn't bother to count the
numbers, dashing forward, his sword swinging and cutting into the
minions of darkness, making his way to the larger threat, deciding to
meet these creatures head on.
As one of the orges came within distance, it brought its club swinging
down swiftly, much more swiftly than Shou had thought possible of such
a creature. Fortunately, his sword was ready for such an attack,
whether the orge had been lightning quick or not, it still paled in
comparison to his own speed. His blade caught the club on its descent,
though the strength of the blow was heavy as he was pushed back from
the clash. The wound on his leg was instantly worsened from the
pressure that was put back onto his limbs when he held his ground. Shou
moved from the area immediately, though, as the other orges were
charging him in that moment of vulnerability. When he spaced out some
distance between them, the man suddenly thrusted his sword out in front
of him, holding it out horizontally.
The metal of the thing began to shine suddenly as Shou pressed his free
hand against the surface of it, the orges coming to a confused stop in
their charge, cautious of the sudden glow from the sword. Shou growled
lightly, "What, y'all are gonna start pussying out now? Tch. It's too
late for that kind of bullshit, anyways." The man muttered, bringing
his sword back suddenly. Gritting his teeth, both hands clasped the
hilt of the blade, as he seemed to have to exert a great deal of effort
to even move the sword. The light around it seemed to fight the swing,
though it only continued to glow more brightly and luminously.
"Hnnn.. yaaaaaa!" The man shouted out, as he finally managed to
complete the swing of the sword, suddenly breaking through the light
that had seemed to resist him. That same light, though, shot outwards,
a giant wave of spiritual energy that went towards the whole group of
the orges. One of them managed to lift a hand in front of it for
defense by the time it came upon them, but it didn't serve to help any.
Each of their bodies were cut in half from the blade's energy, clubs
and torsos dropping to the ground alike.
Shou suddenly dropped to a knee, panting heavily. The assault from the
forest paused, it seemed, but the man cursed himself for using this
much energy in the fight. A great fatigue was setting in from fighting
the demons he had, slaying the oni that were pursuing the target he was
protecting. The man's ragged breaths would come to a halt as he grit
his teeth and forced himself to stand on his feet once more.
"Welcome to our home, Boruha-san. Please, wait here while I fetch the
master." A maid had told him, while the red-haired man stepped into the
lobby of the giant building that was supposedly someone's house. This
was the address, though, where he would be meeting his new clients. To
them, he was the agent that had been sent by the new organization they
had hired to help protect the famed daughter of the family. Apparently
her life was in some sort of danger, and Takashou would be getting the
details in his meeting with them.
"Ah, how good." A man's voice came from a set of stairs that led to the
upper floors of the house. Takashou recognized the man, the great
contributor to the City Metro and it's securities. "A sword-user, hm?
Most of those that we've employed use guns.. I hope you know how to use
that thing well." Noting the hint of doubt in the other's voice,
Takashou was quick to speak, "Guns are for corwards. You should be glad
you got someone with the balls to fight demons up close and personal."
"Ha.. you have a point there. Well, then, Takashou, is it? I suppose I
should introduce my daughter. Then the three of us will go over why we
need you. Eliza, sweetheart. Could you please come down here?" The man
would call out.
A lone figure stepped forward, his hands coming together in claps, as
if applauding the display of abilities the human had shown. Shou
clenched the hilt of his blade tightly, his eyes narrowing onto the
demon before him. It had been the one to give him trouble, the one he
knew all along would end him. The lesser trash wouldn't have stood a
chance, but this man was the leader of those that he had slain, minions
of his. This one was a higher order spirit, and he was after the girl. "You definitely have some sort of drive to you, huh?" The demon noted, chuckling lightly. The attire on him was strange by modern standigs, a traditional black-coloured male kimono. At his sides were two slender katanas, each encased in their respective sheath. The oni's hands fell to the hilts of these blades, drawing them forth, as he continued to head in Shou's direction. "You've done quite well in preventing us from obtaining our goal.. no longer, though. Another of that girl's protectors will die today.. how many more will there be?" He chuckled once more, licking his lips. "Never enough."Shou had thrusted his sword out in front of him, barely in time to block the oncoming x-slash that the two katanas came forward in, the demon just in front of him almost within that instant that he had spoken. The human pushed forward, forcing the demon back and giving him some precautionary space to keep a reasonable distance. Shou had all ready gotten into one clash with this man, and it had resulted in the gash on his leg. He knew very well what he was dealing with, yet he could offer no solutions to the immediate problem.
The demon laughed rather loudly now, swinging one of his katanas forward with the same speed he had demonstrated earlier, yelling out,
"Kyuutenban!" Energy seemed to pulse in the blade, moving out and
shooting from the tip suddenly as a black, jagged wave of energy. Shou
could feel its evil presence in the air even as it was barely formed,
suddenly stabbing his sword down into the ground, shouting a chant,
"Sacred powers, guard me now!" A light suddenly glowed and formed in
front of him, taking on the shape of a large shield decorated with
stars on it. The wave crashed into it, and the shield seemed to take in
the damage, for the most part. By the time it cracked and shattered,
Shou was all ready moving to the side and out of the demonic energy's
path, growling as his sword was taken up, charging forward to the demon
suddenly. The demon welcomed the charge, his katanas flashing into action as the large sword came its way. Blades clashed, one katana fended off the attack rather easily for being such a smaller weapon, while his opponent's arm whipped forward and sent the tip of the other in the man's direction. Shou shifted his weight on his right leg, looking to move out of the path of the thing but it caught him in the shoulder before he could have said he successfully evaded it.
As the metal pierced through and halted his movements rather roughly, the other chuckled lightly, slipping the sword into the other moreso, bringing a yell of pain from the human. "Hurts.. doesn't it?" The demon chuckled, before muttering something beneath his breath that the human couldn't have recognized. Things were growing steadily worse all ready, and his vision was beginning to grow blurry and tunneled. He felt a sudden heat from the metal that was stabbed within his shoulder and it brought him back to his senses, kicking off the ground and away from the other, the katana slipping out as well, drawing blood from his body and onto the ground.
"What.. what did you do?" Shou questioned, his hand going for his shoulder, gripping it painfully. Something was happening, something abnormal that couldn't have been explained by a simple katana stabbing him. The demon chuckled lightly, raising his blade and taking a lick from the blood that had come onto its metal. "It's an ability of mine. I'd say its killing you as we speak."

The woman that he saw had a beauty that was breathtaking, surprised that he hadn't received more information on visuals about this target. Her long blonde hair was tied back into a ponytail this night, apparently she was setting for bed when he had arrived. He almost felt intrusive, but her warm smile put him at ease as she came down the stairs to join them.
"Hello, Mr..?" The woman asked, allowing Takashou the chance to introduce himself. He bowed lightly, "Boruha Takashou, at your service." She giggled lightly. "A fine name.. but.. would you mind it if I called you Shou?" The man was stunned at the sudden formalities that were skipped, as she hadn't bothered to attack a suffix and had all ready given him a nickname! Shou.. it was something he had never been called before, oddly enough, having suited just fine with his name Takashou, the contract bodyguard with his reputation of the blade.
"That's.. fine." The man came to say. The nickname didn't mean to hesitate, as the nickname hadn't bothered him at all. The woman seemed concerned though. "You don't like it?" He was quick to shake his head. "It's not that, not at all. Please, feel free to call me such." She smiled pleasantly. "I'm glad, then."

"You.. you bastard.." Shou coughed out, gripping his shoulder tighter. The heat that had begun to accumulate there was beginning to spread now, slowly, but he could feel it. It almost felt as if the rise in temperature was.. crawling within. "What the hell did you do?!" Shou suddenly yelled, an outburst of rage that had him stepping forward, sending his blade through the air. A wave of energy erupted from it, but the demon simply chuckled and waved his hand through the air, disrupting it as if it had been nothing but a silly breeze.
"What.." Shou knew the demon was strong, but it couldn't have been that strong.. his techniques had worked on it earlier, forcing the man to dodge, even having landed a hit that seemed to play in his favor. But now.. "Your techniques are growing weaker by the moment. I can see the surprised look in your eyes. Haha.. in truth, that wave you sent me couldn't have harmed a child." The demon sheathed both of his katanas to his sides once more and crossed his arms over his chest. "However.. this battle is won. I'll leave you here to die while I go and collect the human." He began moving forward, intending to walk right passed Shou.
Upon hearing that he was going after Eliza, he was reminded that he had to protect her to the best of his ability. Growling lightly, just as he came to his side, Shou brought his sword up, swinging it with all his strength at the demon. "Didn't I tell you you couldn't harm a child?" The demon would have said, but he didn't make it passed the first word as the blade struck into his chest and his eyes went wide, suddenly being blasted backwards from the impact. Shou cursed, hoping he could have sliced the man in half then and there and have this battle won, but it seemed it would take more to pierce the flesh of an oni.
Landing some ways from the other, the demon glanced down to his chest, noting the blood. He spat to the side and glared in Shou's direction. "You've been a hindrance long enough.. you should have all ready been weakened to where I don't have to worry about you, but.. I guess I'll finish you off." Shou chuckled lightly, his head bowed low, ready to accept this kind of death. It took all he had in his last attack, and it had been the last successful attempt of a stall. Eliza and her father had to move from this place as much as they possibly could. Knowing that she was safe.. it would be enough to allow him to die peacefully.
"You should feel honored.. I don't do this often." The demon rose a hand upwards, indicating towards the sky with his index finger, while glancing up as well. The human questioned the movement, looking up as well. The stars of the night sky began to cloud over, swirling dark shapes in the sky they were, while an energy seemed to be building up from behind them. Was this man conjuring a storm? No.. the energy was darker than that, this technique was darker than that.
A black bolt suddenly bursted forth from those clouds, striking the clearing of the area just near him. The green grass instantly died though was not demolished upon contact. It shriveled, browned, and darkened where the energy had struck it. Shou noted that and cursed lightly.. if a bolt were to strike him, would the effect be the same? Now would have been a great time to attack, but his body couldn't move, it wouldn't budge from where he was. Having used up the last of his energies, he dropped down to the ground on his knees. The sight brought laughter from the demon again, but his technique did not relent, a second bolt blasting into the area, close to him.
"It's time for the ending.. Strike down!" The sky darkened suddenly, turning Shou's attention back to it. He saw the energy massing within those clouds, forming into a giant spiral of blackness. It continued to fill the sky with its overwhelming presence, and the demon's laughter continued to ring out through the air. "Adieu.. you've made the chase fun." Shou bowed his head once more, stabbing his sword into the ground just in front of him, located in the very middle of the clearing. "This bastard.." The man muttered to himself, before the giant bolt of dark energy suddenly erupted from the skies and came blasting downwards into the clearing. Everything in the area was affected, clouded of vision by the presence of it being down there now.
When it cleared, and the demon's laughter eventually died down, the oni walked up to the body of the man, his feet crunching against the now-dead grass that inhabited the whole place. Shou laid on his back just in front of the sword that pierced through the earth. The wounds of his shoulder and gash had worsened, but other than that, no other visible damages were there. Except death, of course.
The demon chuckled, stepping up to the body. "Well, now.. you humans have a funny way of meeting back up with me in the spirit world. And I really hate dealing with something I thought I handled.. so.." He reached down suddenly grasping the dead man's head, his hand glowing. "Yes.. those precious memories of yours.." He chuckled lightly, before he released the man's head. "Tch.. hopefully that bitch hasn't tredded off to far." Pushing off the ground, the demon went airborne out of the area.

The oni's eyes came open to see the great blade in the middle of the clearing. It padded a little closer, its paws crunching against the shriveled death of the grass. An energy seemed to pulsate from the weapon before him, and the lion oni felt it should have recognized it, feeling a great deal of importance coming forth from the sword. It looked around.. where was it? How had it even gotten here?
There were no answers to the questions anywhere.. only the giant sword that continued to call to him.
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A Memory: Vanilla Twilight
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