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 Fallen Wolves

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PostSubject: Fallen Wolves   Wed Sep 23, 2009 1:54 am

Long ago, an old wolf came to that time when his life on
earth could last no longer. "My people," he said, "You can
follow in my footsteps when the time comes for you to join me in the sky land."
Then he left the earth, climbing higher and higher, and each place he stepped
the sky filled with stars. Shunk man-i-tu tan-ka we call the wolves, the
powerful spirits who share the same image as dogs. When they climb the hills to
lift their skulls and sing toward that road of stars, their songs grow stronger
as they join their voices, creating an incredible melody. At least that is what
the tribe’s leader told me that night before they disappeared, however that was
a long time ago, a time where wolves were known, now they’re not so common.

Her heart was
racing, pounding with the rhythm of the blood in her ears; the only sound other
than the beating of the blades hovering over the trees. She never once let
herself rest; there was no time to breathe. The ground moved under her paws
rapidly as her feet flew towards her safe haven, her home. There was only one
place left to hide. Gun shots rang through the clearing; they closed in around
her ever faster, the last bullet narrowly missing her hind leg. She closed her
eyes and sent a howling prayer that this would not be her resting place...this
was not where she wanted to back down. No, she would die there if it was her
fate, but it would not be because she stopped and let the bullet pass through
her head. There would be a fight here. There might be blood shed. She prayed it
would not be hers. The blades thudding grew louder as they hovered effortlessly
over the trees, once again blending with the pounding in her head. She felt
trapped...helpless. The shots rang louder than before, taking out limbs and
sending the dirt flying into her face. Her eyes watered, but she refused to
stop for any hope of surviving. The cries of her pups resounded in her head as
they awaited their mother to return home. Was there any hope of her return?
Would they die of starvation, or would they be prey for the fox? A sharp pain
surged through her hind leg. Dirt filled her mouth and eyes as she fell over
herself into the soft earth, convulsing heavily to release her throat of the
disgusting mix of rocks and soil. Blood seeped through her fur and dripped onto
the ground. She felt the warmth of her own body escaping her. It reminded her
of the mist of her breath in winter; as it wound its way into the air, it began
to disappear and fade away into the chilly wind. In the distance she heard a
set of footsteps. With one last effort, she slid her legs underneath her body
and shakily found her footing. It seemed she stood a chance; she would find her
way home to her pups to be with them another night. But the heavy blow on the
back of her head brought her back down. Her vision was blurred and distorted; a
figure on its hind legs reared itself over her, carrying a hollow metal pole. Inugami
Roared as he attempted to run into the humans that were hunting the wolf, he couldn’t
make any contact. He roared, the howl shooting from the back of his throat
causing the leaves to tremble, but it did nothing. She could feel its cold skin
as he pressed it against her temple. Its eyes were wild with hunger and
pleasure. She bore her teeth at him with the little strength she had left. He
pulled the trigger. As the moon raised high above the forest, the cries of her
young ones could be heard; their yelps of pain and hunger resounded amongst the
wood. They would never again know their mother; the warmth of her fur, the
rough caress of her tongue, the nuzzle of her wet nose against theirs...it
would be a faint, distant memory--if they made it to remember. Life, as they
knew it, would be a quick but painful end. He watched as the humans then killed
the cubs, it sickened Inugami. He instantly moved back, sinking his claws into the soil, the
large wolf Demon then turned to the humans, and ones orbs began to shift, he
tore through the path towards, this time he was able to make contact. The wolfs
jaw opened; his paws lifting from the ground, body soaring through the air,
even though the human could not see, however, some how his figure tore through
a physical barrier, the hunter would be
able to feel the jaw of the wolf slam his head between its jaws. The wolf
shifted to its head to the other band of hunters, Inugami took off towards the
other, catching one. With his heavy paw, he slammed it into the humans back,
sinking its claws into the flesh of the human, instantly he curled the claws inwards
and ripped the back out of the humans, the others returned. He moved back
towards his dead kind, and looked at the wolves. He came to a stop and threw
his head back, allowing the howl to slip from the back of his throat and echo
throughout the forest.
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PostSubject: Re: Fallen Wolves   Wed Sep 23, 2009 1:57 am

-904 Words
-750 Words - Spiritual Impression Quest

+154 Experience.
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PostSubject: Re: Fallen Wolves   Sat Oct 03, 2009 11:34 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Fallen Wolves   

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Fallen Wolves
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