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 H2H Questions (Condensed)

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PostSubject: H2H Questions (Condensed)   Wed Sep 23, 2009 11:42 am

Site Help Questions (under construction up to page 4)
Real Questions from Real Members xD

Can you start off as a Hito-rinji, Onikonjou, Onikonjou, Possession type?
:: Yes

How do you go about unlocking the affinity?
:: Your affinity isn't 'locked.' If you’re a human and your affinity is fyre, then you can't actually learn anything in your affinity until you go hitorinji or get a possession, etc. Your affinity is unlocked when you learn its package.

Do we have to request if we could do quests like Flight Acquisition Quest, Starting Gear Acquisition Quest, and other quests listed on the spirit/human pages?
:: No

^ Do we get the EXP multiplier for these type of quests?
:: No

I was wondering what the traveling rules were.
:: Only for the past realm, they are on the past realm page.

For TEXP, it says you get 1 for an RP that lasts 3 posts or 250 words. Do you get a single point for one that's 3 posts or 250 words, or does it build up, such as for a thread that is more then 3 posts, say 6 or 18, would you get 2 or 3 for that, or is it just 1. The same question is for RP’s that are over 250 words. Would the amount of TEXP you get increase by 1 point for every 500 words?
:: No. You get a max of 1 TEXP per day. 250 or 3 posts are the minimum to say you were active that day.

Do I still only get 1 even if I did two or more RP’s in a day and met the requirements?
:: Yes

If an RP continues on for multiple days, do you get TEXP for that same RP for each day or do you need a new one each day?
:: You get TEXP for each day you posted because you were active that day, even if it is the same RP.

So let’s say A made a 500 word post on Saturday and again on Sunday, didn't post Monday, but did on Tuesday and Wednesday, but didn't post Thursday and did a 500 word post on Friday. At the end of the week A has 2000 words. Would A just get 4 TEXP or would A get 7 TEXP for that week?
:: A gets 1 TEXP per day they posted. TEXP isn't based on wordcount. The wordcount is the min that must be reached in order to be considered as being 'active' that day. TEXP is activity based. You don’t get credit for it on days you don’t post. TEXP does not carry over.

What if you do or are in multiple RP’s in one day or days, do you get extra TEXP for those RP’s or is it still just one?
:: Just one.

I noticed there’s EXP, but there isn’t really something to keep track of your level. So do we spend the EXP somehow? What’s the EXP for?
:: EXP is traded for techniques, job credits, etc. There are no levels on this site.

What control level is your starting technique?
:: Honed

The pure energy draw technique (Magixal I) says its effect is +1 stamina per post per level.
:: Is the level this speaks of 'novice/trained/honed/mastered/perfected'? in which case, would it be novice = +1, trained = +2, honed = +3, mastered = +4, perfected = +5?
Yes, that's percentage. So at perfected, you passively replenish 5% of your stamina in a post. Also, Stamina fills 5% per non active post naturally "breakdown page" so it a little boost that doubles how much stamina you can get back.

Just to make sure, any spirit can go to earth, but without the 'spiritual impression' quest, a spirit can only wonder around with no physical effect on the earth, but WITH the spiritual impression quest, a spirit can go into earth, noticeable to the humans, and able to do things that normal humans can do (like jobs, human quests) but they cant use there demon/spirit powers on earth?
:: The first part is correct. Spirits are allowed to go to earth and much like you've described; they cannot interact with the world until they do the spiritual impression quest. After that quest, you will become physical when on earth and spiritual when in heaven or hell, but you should still be able to use all of your abilities on earth. If you do spiritual impression, then you can attack people on earth with techniques (that's the purpose of the quest), otherwise it'd be pointless to learn techniques as a spirit.

This line threw me off earlier on “This doesn't mean that spiritually aware physical beings can't hurt you, but it does mean you can't attack them or do really cool things like destroy buildings and attack humans among other more peaceful things.”
:: Yes, it’s true that if you come to earth without spiritual impression human's that are spiritually aware can see and hurt you, but there's not much you can do back. If you get spiritual impression, then you're good.

Where do we post buying stuff?
:: The location thread that corresponds to where the shop is in an RP, then send/link to the main updates board.

I was wondering about some of the special techniques the possessions have. I was wondering if any of them would be able to be used while not in the transformed mode such as the :: passive abilities like Feral Senses, Feline Agility, etc of the Woylf possession and the other passives of the possessions.
:: You would use toned down versions of passive abilities. Like a wolf would have agility like a hitorinji, but not the full power of the wolf transformation.

I was wondering what your affinity did to the techs under that set of skills? Does it make all the techs in it start at a higher rank then others?
:: Stamina costs cut in half for abilities within a user's Affinity.

Is it possible to gain PWC, a new technique, and exp/TEXP in the same post?
:: Yes

For required techniques in a package, if we reach perfected on those, what is the bonus? Like Bushido gives +2 to strength normally. So if it becomes perfected, then what is the gain for it? It’s not really indicated for moves that are required. If you prefect all the required moves before the other moves. Will it cut TEXP or even the wc required to learn said moves? What would be the point in perfecting those required skills?
:: You get better accuracy and the bonus of being able to perfect swordsmanship and use weapons at a lower stamina cost.

Does affinity include halving the package TEXP cost? So that instead cost 5 TEXP to unlock it, the affinity package would only cost 2 to unlock?
:: Yes

Could a possessed character have Spiritual Arts as there affinity?
:: No, as they cannot learn level 3 magics.

You know how you can trade 2500 exp for 1 TEXP? Can we trade 1TEXP for 2500 exp?
:: No, TEXP cannot be traded for anything.

I didn't think possessed humans could learn magical techs b/c they had the special techs....
:: They cannot learn level 3 magics

Is the stamina cost for Heal (+HP, -STA) decreased by half it it's your affinity?
:: Yes

In that case, would having it be your affinity decrease the HP cost if you were to use Refresh (+STA, -HP)?
:: Yes

Would this also include Revive (+100% HP, -100% STA)
:: Yes

Does the "reduce x% per level" on some of the techniques (Heal, Refresh, Revive, etc.) include the first level you get it at? I.e, at its initial, does heal have the ability to heal 10% HP for the cost of 5% STA? or 5% HP for 0% STA?
:: Level 1 means something x1, which would = itself. So level 2 is x2, level 3 = x3, etc.

Does the affinity STA reduction combine with having something at Perfected (50% reduction for Affinity, 50% reduction for Perfected)? If so, how? I.e, does it make it cost 0% STA, or does it reduce it by half, and then half again, so it's at 25% STA cost?
:: Half and half again, so 25%

I got a question about the reduction in cost to learn your affinity techniques, as it does, reduce the cost of them, would it also reduce the cost to level them up to the next rank?
:: No, EXP cost is not reduced by affinity.

Are Woylf always transformed at night? Or do they transform at will at night ... or what?
:: They can transform at night. They're forced to stay transformed and get a boost on full moons.

Does "can" mean that they don't have to transform at night? Or do they 'always' transform at night? a wolyf don't have to change at night, they can stay humany, unless its a full moon? Could a Woylf use techniques such as Ripping Claw, Bloodnight Howl, and Sonic Howl when they are in there human form? I was reading them and it didn't make mention of them being used in the Woylf form, so I was just wonderin..
:: "Can" means they have an option of being in wolf mode at night, but they are forced to transform when there is a full moon. It wouldn't make much sense to use wolf techniques in human form.

“Passive abilities have no stamina costs and do not need to be invoked to use and normally do not need to be trained (unless it is a required tech).” So is this saying that for Mechanical Projectile Weapons the only skill I would need to be trained would be Pistol Play. Quick Reload and Dual Wield do not?
:: Correct

We only need to fill one of those requirements to learn new techs/tech package correct?
:: No, all the requirements must be filled.

How many new skills can we learn in a day, and if we fit the requirements with TEXP do we still need to write up a rp?
:: As many as you can, save for possession techs which are limited to 2 per week.

Where can I get like custom weapons?
:: Handled by Toot, the wandering NPC (see member characters and “Toot” for more info)

When a character is in Woylf mode, are they able to speak or just like howl and make wolf sounds?
:: Based on character preference

The Energy Tech Familiar... It sounds like it works in some of the same ways as Chaotic Familiar, is this true?
:: If they had the same definition, then yes, but the energy ones are for attacking.

Chaotic Familiars
Summons nether animal demons (i.e. wolves, foxes, snakes) attached to the user's back as shadowy forms used for offense or defense. The number of familiar created depends on the level of control (1 per level).
Effect: damage or guard is Strong

- shadows
- offensive/defensive
- strong dmg/guard
- control lvl = more appendages

Creates beast like creatures made of energy attached to your body that lash out that can attack at melee to medium range.
Effect: damage is Fierce

- energy
- offensive
- fierce dmg
- control lvl = greater control over appendages
- dun really matter how many you have i guess, attacks one at a time

If you don't move, why should your cost of housing go up when you get a promotion? Can you choose to live in your existing conditions if you wish?
:: Yes

I have a TEXP related question. I was wondering about the word count requirement, does it all have to be one post or could it be comprised of multiple posts with in that day, say someone does like 125 words for two posts, would that count for 250? or does it have to be 250 with a single post?
:: It can be between multiple posts

Can I trade TEXP for JC?
:: No

Do spirits breath?
:: i never thought that spirits had to breath. i've never heard of a spirit drowning. BUT... it kind of makes them immune to being choked out.
but that's in spirit form (or intangible?). when they go physical form, they should have to breath/eat/ and upkeep their physical body. when they go into onitoshi, they dun really need physical (earth) bodies b/c that realm is a spirit realm (which is why its so hard for humans to exist there). humans would need a spirit form to go in there... probably... hmm... but still... does that kinda clear things up. like if a spirit is in spirit form, it won't need to breathe, etc, but when in physical form, it has to. regular water might now drown it, but water coming from someone who can interact w/a spirit (i.e. that one quest that makes humans able to punch spirits in the FACE) can use a water attack on a spirit while in spirit form that would do damage, or drown it.... lol
dunno if i cleared it up or not

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H2H Questions (Condensed)
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