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 Selling the jewel [Solo]

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PostSubject: Selling the jewel [Solo]   Fri Feb 06, 2009 1:12 pm

The day was boring the male as he looked up at the sky, there was a light wind through the market and it had been there all day. Not that it really mattered to Ketsuki, he was simply riding on Amari through the market so that he could sell his jewel. He was silent as he moved along, his eyes narrowed ahead as he reached the jeweler that he had heard about on the streets when he asked. He Amari in front of the shop and stopped and the old man there smirked over at him and said with a cackle in his voice, "So, what do you have there, Sonny?"

Ketsuki really did not want to explain himself to the old man, but it wasn't like there was a choice. He put his hand in his pocket and then withdrew the jewel as he said, "This." He handed down the jewel over to the jeweler as his face retained its emotionless look. He normally never really showed emotion, for him, it was just normal not to show it.

The young adult looked down at the old man as he looked around the jewel and then set the jewel aside as he pulled out a bag of coins as he said, "This is a pouch that the kingdom gave me to give to anyone with a jewel like this. They use 'em for trading with other nations, and it equals about this, maybe a little less, but you'll be happy with it, I'd imagine." Ketsuki leaned down and took the bag as he nodded his head towards the old man and turned Amari around as he lead Amari towards the shops where he would buy a few things, one of them being a weapon.

He had to have Amari walk slowly so that he didn't crush anyone under the war horse's feet, but he arrived at the shop and slipped down from the horse and allowed Amari to go back to his plane of magic as he entered a shop of weapons. He started to look around, and then paused at the curved sword. The price as alright for it, so he picked it up from the mantle and walked over to where the shop keeper was with it and placed it on the counter as he said, "This will do." He then pulled out the coins for the weapon and placed them on the counter as the shop owner counted. He then turned and took the sword with him, slipping the sword into his belt as he slipped the coin bag into his hakama.

Pausing outside the shop, he turned and summoned Amari back as he headed back for the family home where he would test out his new weapon.

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- Bought Curved Sword [-1500 gs] [rp'ed how he got the money]
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PostSubject: Re: Selling the jewel [Solo]   Fri Feb 06, 2009 8:42 pm

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Selling the jewel [Solo]
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