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PostSubject: cafe   Fri Oct 16, 2009 11:02 am

The rain fell lightly around me, with each drop that struck me melting into a shadow on my jacket. I walked through the streets of Gothstone towards a small café that I had been visiting of late. There were a decent amount of soldiers here, and today was the anniversary of the slaughtering of several of my kind. I had held this day to a special place in my mind every year since I witnessed it. My eyes gazed across the street as I moved through the puddles in the crosswalk. Car horns were blaring in the distance, and someone was yelling obscenities out a window. What a pain in the ass things were becoming down here. With our project soon to be taking flight, I had many thoughts of what was going to happen now. The first of these dealt with my own view points. I placed my hand on the door, and opened it while sliding out of the rain. The café was filled with officers from the city, all trying to stay warm and get a nice cup of coffee. I hated coffee, and usually stuck to tea.
As the door closed behind me, the young lady at the counter nodded to me. I had been coming here quite frequently as of late, and had been upgraded to first name basis with the shop owners. Taking a seat in the far right corner, I brought my eyes to the window. It was a dreary day outside, and I had little to do with my time except explore and get a feel for this part of town. I had visited Lauren yesterday, and had been welcomed with open arms. I had missed her, but I knew that she would be coming to the academy once it opened. I leaned back in the chair, only to notice the cup of tea that had been placed on the table. I guess I had missed her bringing it over. A light smile came to my lips as I took a sip of the warm liquid. Lots of honey and a tiny bit of lemon, just the way I liked it. This girl had a way with tea that I had never seen before. I smiled again as I saw her, but quickly brought my eyes across to a group of men who were being rather loud.
“They got what they deserved! Stupid smelly demons are cowards and piss ants, they should have been slaughtered before we even got there.. right Jon!”
“Yea boss, we took care of them real good back there.”

They laughed and clanked their glasses together. I watched them for several minutes before their loudest got up and walked up to the counter. Sliding my chair away from the table, I slowly stood to my feet. While my conscious was telling me to take a seat, something told me I needed another tea. Taking the cup, I pulled it quickly to my lips and consumed the entire contents of its inner chambers. The warm liquid hit my stomach, putting me in an even better mood. Walking over to the counter beside him, I placed the coffee cup on the shiny copper surface and smiled to the young lady.
“Melissa, may I have another tea..”
“tea? On a day like this? Ha.. .. wait a sec.. you smell dirty..”
“excuse me?” I replied without making eye contact. I kept my smile while watching Melissa make me another glass of tea. She had ignored the order from the boisterous human beside me, and he finally realized it.
“Hey girl, I was here first!”
“take your time Melissa..”
“why you.. that’s what it is.. you smell like one of those cowards that we took care of last year.. yea. That’s what it is. I wouldn’t forget the smell of a useless pile of flesh.. I ought to arrest you right now..”
“Melissa.. I will pay for all of this.”
The glass of hot tea hit the counter, and she looked me straight in the eyes.
“I know you will.. show mercy to them.” She smiled gently to me, and nodded her head before sitting down behind the counter. She knew what was coming, and what I was. I wasn’t about to destroy this entire establishment for some stupid humans, especially since this was all her family had. I had to think about it for a moment before I turned and faced him.
“what did you say?”
“Eh? You didn’t hear me? You smell like a worthless coward of a piss ant, and I’m going to arrest you for being here..”
He put his arm on me while the rest of his group stood up. I wasn’t going to take this outside, as I really didn’t care too much for blood and rain at the same time. Exhaling lightly, I brought my right hand straight up to his arm. My left hand slid underneath his elbow. And a blue light glowed from my skin.
“chains of power, retract my enemy.”
With a quick, sharp exhalation, I split the energy inside of me to make a current. The blue electricity jolted through the man, singing his skin and paralyzing him. Slowly, he fell to his knees as I let go of him. Driving my right foot across, I planted my knee into the side of his face, and sent him flying over to his men. Taking down two of them, I stood back up and lifted the cup of tea that Melissa had left on the counter for me. Behind me I could hear chairs sliding in and out, and a lot of grumbling, yelling, and complaining. I knew that as of now, I wouldn’t be able to use any of my better abilities inside this shop. Most of them were meant for outdoors, and my indoor abilities were mostly for recon use. Shaking my head, I put the cup down and went straight into the fray. The average human was rather weak compared to me, especially when I was in my human form. I hopped up the side of a table and landed in the middle of them. Before the one in the front could turn around, I drove my elbow straight backwards. The sharp bone would contact the middle of his ribs as I slid backwards, driving the full force into him.
My right arm came up, grabbing the hand of the second one. Sliding my right foot inwards, I moved it behind his knee while folding my body to the side. Lifting him off of it, I kicked him up and flipped his entire body over me, slamming it into the one I had elbowed. The two of them remained down while I turned to face the other two. They were already reaching for their holsters when my right arm came up.
“snake of lightning, soar forward!”
The chains of bright lightning tied the man into a standing position. I moved underneath a punch from the final man while twisting around to face him. His three partners had been incapacitated for the most part, and he was all that remained. Taking a quick turn, I brought my palm straight into the temple of the man I had used the bind on. His body hit the ground and bounced underneath a table while I turned my attention to the final one once more.
“leave here.”
“sure thing!”

Before I realized what he had done, he ran out the front door to the café. I shook my head while returning to the counter. Taking out my wallet, I put an extra large tip on there for her trouble.
“you can come out now Melissa.”
She hopped up from behind the counter in a perky, happy fashion. With a smile on her face, she was glad to see that I had done minimal damage, and spared their lives. I wasn’t too pleased with it, especially since it would only bring more trouble to her later. I would have to lure them away from the café, and not come here for a while to keep her safe. If the military knew she were serving a spirit, it might not go well for her business, and that was the only thing she had supporting her family. Shaking my head, I finished my tea and let out a light yawn.
“thank you for a great glass of tea.. take care of yourself, and I will see you soon.”
Her smiled reminded me a lot of Laurens. I shook my head at it while I turned around to head for the door. I didn’t know if they would remember my face or not, but if they forgot their fear of me, I would pound it back into them again later. Looking up at the sky as I opened the door, I sighed lightly. It was finally time for me to get back on the hunt for what I had been searching for. Where was that spirit hiding at now..

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PostSubject: Re: cafe   Wed Oct 21, 2009 12:51 am

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