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 Lamp (closed)

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PostSubject: Lamp (closed)   Mon Nov 16, 2009 12:50 am

The oni stood from his kneeling position on the ground, just before a
large blade that pierced through the earth. It was in the middle of a
clearing of Western Forest, an area that had been destroyed of all
vegetation. The grass here was crisp and crunchy beneath the feet,
grayed and yellowed with time. Shou kept his gaze fixated on the sword
that marked his own human body's gravestone, never forgetting his
roots. The oni hesitated for a moment before pulling forth Mabushiiken,
the katana he had been gifted by his kamikonjou companion. She wasn't
with him now as she still had preacherly duties to attend to. She made
some pretty decent money off spreading the word of Bleaus. Shou
considered himself, not having made a dime outside of selling drugs in
his time, the money having gone to his own personal usage of certain
He held the katana out before him, looking to the hilt of the blade
before traveling along the metal that reflected the moon's soft light.
Atilla had found salvation from the path of chaos demons tredded upon.
Shou cursed inwardly, knowing such a route would eventually cause his
own destruction, especially living upon the realm of humans. Perhaps he
could find his own salvation, within the blade, the last remnant he had
of his mortal life. If he could remind himself once more what it was to
be human, then perhaps he could show some empathy to the residents of
The oni chuckled lightly to himself, sighing as he ran a hand through
the red strands of his crimson hair. Was he really starting to tame
himself? And for what sake.. for Atilla, maybe? "Evil is contagious..
heh.. so is she.." Shou admitted to himself, before the place suddenly
lit up and he widened his eyes, turning around to face an oncoming
flame. The area was blasted by the force, the ground's dead earth
coming to form as smoke of the area before it settled away and cleared
quickly. Shou stood with the katana before him in a defensive stance,
guarding his gravestone. A growl emitted from the Shou's gritting
teeth, "It doesn't matter who you are, attacking me here's going to get
you killed on the spot." The oni leaned forward, glaring with his
crimson orbs to the other before him. "You're ready for round three so
The other oni simply smiled as he took a step forward, black flames
swirling around his being. "So confident. Have you gotten stronger?
Heehee! Maybe you're finally worth fighting for real then." The dark
flame spirit replied, his teeth flashing in a grin. Shou replied with a
snicker, taking his own advancing step. "I've gotten real strong!" His
fists clenched at his sides, matching the other's anticipated
expression of the fight. "Lets do this!" Shou roared, before thrusting
his arms outwards to his sides, fires flaring off of his limbs.
"Infernal flames! Sharpen your form!" The flames took flight in the air
around him, shaping and molding into the form of five fiery scimitars
that spun around his form. They then quickly halted, their tips
pointing out towards the target that didn't seem to be phased for the
moment. "Heheh!" Each blade shot outwards one after another. The dark
haired oni kicked off the ground as one scimitar stabbed into the
ground before him, then flaring off. He then bent at the waist,
throwing his head back as one passed over where his torso had been
located. Two more were on route to stab through the man's unguarded
knees, but he kicked off the ground into a leap, even in his awkward
position, and spun his legs out from harm's way. The opponent then rose
a single arm up swiftly as the final blade of fyre disappeared in a
blast before that arm, the oni seeming to have no trouble blocking the
"At least there's some force behind your attacks now. Lets see how you
fare on the defense. Unholy fires, lash your rage to this little
flame." The dark haired other rose his arm through the air as jagged
waves of flames shot out from his arm towards Shou's position. The oni
growled lightly, kicking off the ground and taking to flight atop a
disc of flame, spinning out of the way of the foremost attacking waves,
before eventually caught on a jag and taking a hit from one of the
black fires. He grunted as he was pushed back by the force, though
unrelenting as he shot forward towards the other on his disc. "Infernal
flames! Forth and destroy!" Ahead of him, a line of molten fire shot
out more rapidly than he moved, arriving at the target first. It
surrounded the target's area before blasting forward into the air,
doming around the spot. The flames then shot downwards, crashing inward
on itself and the other oni that was in the middle. Shou then rushed
forward, pulling Mabushiiken forward and taking several slashes into
the air before him. All hits were accompanied by a light 'swish' noise
as his opponent moved and dodged each hit. "Bastard!" Shou shouted out,
drawing the Mabushiiken back before it flashed forward in a wide,
deadly arc. The other oni took a step back and leaned against his
heels, passing just out of range from the attack. "Bastard? Heehee..
no, thats not right." The dark-haired man suddenly stepped forward as a
blast of heat shot out from his form and sent Shou back from the
intensity of it, wincing as he would experience the damage any normal
soul would. The fyre spirit landed back down onto his feet, glaring in
the direction of the giggling demon.
"My name is Aflamo Inferne. My elder brother is the man who turned you
into a demon." The dark haired man chuckled, sliding forward on a foot.
"The man who killed you as a human. We've grown interested in you."
Shou's eyes widened at that. This other fyre spirit who had continued
to appear and toy with him was related to that bastard? It was strange,
as this man represented a flame he could not defeat, and the elder
brother was a blade he couldn't match. Even here, at the pinnacle of
his fyre prowess, he was having trouble against this dark flame user.
And back when he was a human, honed in the skills of the blade, he had
failed again.
"So its you two, is it.." Shou muttered lightly, gripping the hilt of
the blade tightly in his grasp. A growl escaped his lips, as he focused
his crimson orbs onto the other. "Out of all the oni, I despise that
one the most! I will definitely kill him!" Shou shouted, a flame raging
out around his form. Inferne seemed displeased, a frown coming onto his
face as he tilted his head to the side. "That's unfortunate. We'd hoped
to make you a deal. A deal for power." The man then grinned widely. "If
you want to find my brother, you can only seek him out in hell. He
doesn't tred on the Earth too much. The demon city, Arden. That's where
you should head." The fyre oni grunted. Was he trying to tempt him with
power, or was he simply revealing the location of his kin so that Shou
could have his sought after revenge? Both were alluring.
"Don't think this'll change things here!" Shou shouted, dashing forward
and swiping his blade through the air only to cut through dark flames
that flared out on the spot. The oni's eyes narrowed. "He got away..?"
Shou was answered by the reappearance of black flames to his right
before a set of feet dropkicked him against the side of his face,
whipping his head back as he fell to the ground from the impact.
Inferne's body emerged from the mass of dark fire, giggling to himself.
"Heehee.. I wish to test your flames out just a little bit further. You
don't mind, right?" The fyre spirit stood to his feet, wiping away at the area he had been struck, issuing a light growl into the air. "You're right. I can't wait to roast you!"
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PostSubject: Re: Lamp (closed)   Thu Dec 03, 2009 12:58 am


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Lamp (closed)
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