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 Dove and Grenade (Closed)

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PostSubject: Dove and Grenade (Closed)   Tue Dec 01, 2009 12:33 am

The flames burned off of his body and into the air around him, continuously flowing and lashing out into the atmosphere, scorching away at anything that came close to him. Shou grunted as he slammed a set of claws into the ground before him, another burst of fire erupting from the contact. He was currently in his transformed state, sabre fangs bared with his red hair wild and spiked around him in a great mane that extended down midway his back. Swirls of deadly heat continued to encircle him as the boiling lusts of chaos continued to press in on him, unrelentingly. "Damn it.." The oni grunted once more, trying his best to supress it. A grin spread across his lips and a dark chuckle escaped, before growling once more as his claws dug further into the earth. Normally the demon would simply release such impulses on an unfortunate target, but the hunt around the forest had dwindled lately and worthy opponents were scarcer to find. Besides that, he sought to control the dark desires that flared within him rather than give in to them. "Rrr... RRrrrr!! RRAAAA!!!" The oni screamed out, throwing his head back as a huge flame shot from his body and into the air, incinerating the trees that had been around him as well as a few of the wildlife taking house there.
The oni huffed as he came out of it, laid flat on his back as he stared up to the sky with an unobscured view of the stars. His hair fell around him loosely as his transformation had ended, losing the feral qualities of the lion. His red eyes seemed tired, exhausted even as they slowly came to a close. "This much.. just to control that.. heh.." He stated to himself, before forcing himself into a seated position. Even now he could hear the light movements and noises of the forest of other oni drawing near him, their attention drawn by the flame that had gone off in the sky. A fight was fine by him, by all means. There wasn't a spirit within the Western Forest that he doubted he could defeat alone, even without the aid of his angel fiance, Atilla. Though she could provide him with strengths and blessings from her god, Bleaus, Shou wasn't without merits of his own. Reaching down and pulling forth Mabushiiken, his dark katana, the oni remained in his untransformed humanoid state. "Come on." Shou stated out loud, smirking as a demon emerged from the masses of trees, screeching as it lashed out with its claws towards the oni's position. The blade made it to its target first, slashing up into the body of the creature with little resistance, passing clean through and severing it in half. A bloody mass erupted from its body, splattering across the ground though Shou miraculously moved out of its spilling progress to remain untouched.
The incident seemed to hold the others at bay, though the lion demon could still hear their unmasked presences around him in surveyance. "Hmph.." The oni closed his eyes. "Infernal flames, spread your unrelenting chaos.." Shou sheathed his blade as red rings began to form all around him, spreading out to cover a mass of trees that remained within the area of the forest. The oni chuckled to himself as he clenched his fists tightly at his sides, snapping his red orbs back into focus. The oni had unified in their attack, charging from the cover of trees all at once to surround him. There might have been five or six of them, potentials that he hoped would scream under the heat of flames. "And burn it all!" Shou shouted with a wicked grin, dark hell fire flaring into life in the area and consuming the demons before they could reach him. Their screeches became a music to his ears as their bodies decomposed into the fire.
The area had become worse than before, but the oni didn't mind the new clearing he had created. The night was satisfying if anything. He had let off some steam and even got to slay a few oni in the process, although they had been weak enough to be destroyed by his strongest attack in one go. His only objective coming out of this night was to further his control over his demonic impulses, to fight the devil within him so that he could maintain what was human still. In his past life, he had been more clear-headed than this. "I can do it." Shou demanded of himself, stepping away from the clearing and deeper into the wood.
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PostSubject: Re: Dove and Grenade (Closed)   Thu Dec 03, 2009 12:58 am


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Dove and Grenade (Closed)
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