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 The Mystic's Dream(closed)

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PostSubject: The Mystic's Dream(closed)   Tue Dec 01, 2009 3:52 am

Adrian awoke with a start, his eyes scanning the darkness of the temple. He sat up, frowning as he waited, listening for the sounds of breathing. He mentally kicked himself as he slipped from his bed. Slipping his black robes on he walked out of the temple, frowning as he tilted his head. Frowning he felt a sensation he hadn't had in a long time. The last time he had felt this calmness overwhelming the area was shortly before he'd fled the Demon Hunters. Frowning he stood there, his eyes scanning the area slowly.

A clouded dream on an earthly night,
Hangs upon the crescent moon.

A voiceless song in an ageless light,
Sings at the coming dawn.
Birds in flight are calling there,
Where the heart moves the stones.
It's there that my heart is longing for,
All for the love of you.

A painting hangs on an ivy wall,
Nestled in the emerald moss.
Eyes declare a truce of trust,
Then it draws me far away.

Deep in the desert twilight,
Sands melt in pools of the sky.

Darkness lays her crimson cloak,

Your lights will call, call me home.

The voice of an angel, slowly drawing the swordsman out of the temple. There she stood, a beauty he had never laid eyes on before. She stood there wearing a school girl's sailor skirt. It came down to her mid thighs though her long legs made it seem much shorter. She wore a blouse tied between her huge breasts. They were barely restrained by the thin material. Her cleavage was exposed, and bountiful it was. Her blonde hair was done up in a pair of pigtails, with bright red bows, with bells on top of them The length of the golden hair came down to her ass even done up as it was. Her yellow eyes, however. There was something about thos bright yellow eyes that Adrian found comforting.

She stared right at him, standing atop the temple, the blue moon's light falling directly on her. Adrian frowned as he tilted his head. This wasn't Amaterasu. He knew the Sun Goddess. He'd met her before. But this woman was different. She was more beautiful than anyone he'd ever seen including his own Goddess. He would have been shocked to even hear himself think that, but thinking wasn't his strongest suit at this point. All he could muster was a name, coming to the front of his mind.

"Mizuho..." he said, staring at her as tears began to form in his eyes.

Then she was on him, her arms wrapping around him, under his arms. Her arms bent up, her hands pressing against his shoulders. She pressed herself against him, crying softly against his chest. He was just barely taller than she was, his own arms slowly wrapping around her, holding her close to him.

"Ashram... You came back to me... And I was so happy that you did... I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough to stay with you..." she whispered, though he heard her as if she were in his very head.

"Mizuho, you are not at fault." the black clad male said. "I took you from them... I lead you away from your path, and then you chose not to return. I lead you to this point."

"Ashram... Don't do this... You'll never be mine again, if you don't let it go! You taught me not to hate them. Now it's your turn to stop the cycle yourself! Please don't hate them. Hatred cannot save anyone. I can feel your conflict! Let go of your anger!"

"I can't, Mizuho. I can't do it."

"When the dark wood fell before me,
And all the paths were overgrown.
When the priests of pride say there is no other way,
I tilled the sorrows of stone.

"I did not believe because I could not see.
Though you came to me in the night.
When the dawn seemed forever lost,
You showed me your love in the light of the stars.

"Cast your eyes on the ocean.
Cast your soul to the sea.
When the dark night seems endless,
Please remember me.

"Then the mountain rose before me,
By the deep well of desire.
From the fountain of forgiveness,
Beyond the ice and the fire.

"Cast your eyes on the ocean
Cast your soul to the sea
When the dark night seems endless
Please remember me

"Though we share this humble path, alone.
How fragile is the heart?
Oh give these clay feet wings to fly,
To touch the face of the stars.

"Breathe life into this feeble heart.
Lift this mortal veil of fear.
Take these crumbled hopes, etched with tears.
We'll rise above these earthly cares.

"Cast your eyes on the ocean.
Cast your soul to the sea.
When the dark night seems endless,
Please remember me..."

"Mizuho, I know the song. I know it well. I taught it to you after I died." he said, watching her.

"Then be my Ashram again! You don't have to do this! You don't have to do it this way! You can do this without your hatred!" she begged

"DO NOT TAKE AWAY MY PAIN! I NEED IT! IT'S ALL I HAVE!" he demanded, pulling away from her. "YOU'RE NOT LIKE ME!"


"Mizuho if you ever loved me then do not take this from me. I have accepted my role in this world now. My role is different now, than our war. Humanity wont fight against them, because they don't want to believe. They want to think their lives are perfect with their eyes closed. And I will open those eyes by force if I must. I will unite the entire world against me, and they will have no choice but to accept the truth of this reality."

"Ashram, you can't do this! You would never force your beliefs on anyone!"

"No, I wouldn't. But I would force the world to accept the truth. Mizuho, I love you. I always have and always will. I will make sure that the world is safe for others. But I have to do this."

"What are you planning?"

"All that it takes to insure the survival of our families."

"Ashram, please don't... Don't do this. I beg of you."

"I love you, Mizuho. I will always be yours. And I will be with you again. I only need time my love."

"Ashram, please!"

The blond woman had tears streaming down her face. She trembled as she clutched at his robes, burying her face in her beloved's chest. He clutched her to him, smiling gently. She pulled away after a moment and smiled efore she kissed him gently. The kiss was returned. It was one of true passion, an undying love that transcended even death itself. He felt her pull away as his eyes opened, watching her disappear into the light of the blue moon.

Falling to his knees, Adrian trembled. He felt his tears fall hitting the ground as his strength failed and fled him, leaving him with nothing at all. He'd lost so much to come so far. But he owed it to her, to the only person that had ever been close to him. He had to let go of everything around him. But he wouldn't give up his plans. He could hold no more hate in his heart if he wanted her to look at him like that again.

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PostSubject: Re: The Mystic's Dream(closed)   Tue Dec 01, 2009 11:43 pm


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The Mystic's Dream(closed)
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