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 Angel Wevit's Fresh Bio

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PostSubject: Angel Wevit's Fresh Bio   Fri Jan 16, 2009 4:39 am

Full name: Angel " Baby " Wevit
Age: young adult (21)
Height: short
Weight: average?
Alignment: good
Motivating Factor: Det'Hai
Role model: None

Character Theme Music:
Artist Song - Title
Lil' Wayne - I'm Me
Crossbreed - Painted Red

Kingdom Alignment: Det'Hai - Rubian Empire
Current Location:Evernia
Class: Wevit
Heritage: Hiryu Wevit 's youngest daughter
Title(s): Soldier, Lieutenant, Captain, Contender (Saga)
Job Title: Militant
Money: 6,280 gs
Starting Gear Type: Basic Weapon

Wins Losses Draws

Level: 17
EXP: 53,094
Bin: 486/609
Rank: A
Attribute Capacity:
[Weak] [Average] [Strong] [Mystic] Unnatural

Points: Stats Strength Points (max 20)
16: Strength mystic 16
02: Defense average 08
00: Magic Weak 00
00: Magic Defense Weak 00
13: Speed strong 13
13: Swiftness strong 11 (+2)
06: Charge average 06
. Bin: 02


Site Events Participated In:
- A Test of Strength
- Reclamation
- Tsurugi Tournament
- There Will Be Blood
- A Warrior's Requiem
- Dark Eclipse
- Destruction and Creation

Tasks/Campaigns Completed:
Good Deed x3, Pirate's Hidden Catacomb x2, Town Hero, Sword of Blood, Broadened Horizons, Mystic Aura, Offensive Induction, Pet Campaign, Ultriyn Ascension, Mystic Mount

Job Duties Completed: Militant 33 (10 S, 15 P, 8 C)

Quest Techniques: Weapon Bond, Atmospheric Exert

Package Technique
#3 Weapon (Archery, Bushido)
(A) BFG, Horizon's Rayne
(B) Multishot, Horizon's Rayne, Multi Throw, Slash, Passing Slash, Crescent Moon, Battou Jutsu, Spirit Blade, Dual Battou
(C) Slash, Thrust, Bash, Project, Archery: Quick Reload, Mobile Shot, Bushido: Light Swipes
#5 Pessiah
(A) Ultimate Form, Elemental Burst
(B) Powered Second Form, Elemental Blast, Omega Bash, Double Attack
(C) Callout, Elemental Strike, Physical Bash, Swift Running, Flight
#4 Defensive
(B) Swift Evasion, Guard, Block, Parry, Strength Exert
(C) Arcane Sensing, Weight Shift, Block, Guard
#7 Strategic
(B) Trickshot, Stealth Movement, Cloud Hike
#6 Stat Effect / Boosting
(A) Shadowflash, Silent Strike, Witherstrike
(B) Thunderrun, Turtle Shell, Adrenaline Rush, Resurrect, Eye Adaptation
(C) Turtle Shell, Adrenaline Rush

Mastery Training Techniques:
Category / Technique
(C) Bargain, Natural Taming
(B) Swordarrow
(A) Silver Moon, Shinigami's Thrust
(B) Sonic Blade

Limit Break:
Shot of Death (I)
The archer will shoot an arrow that has the grim reaper ghostly figure trailing behind the arrow getting ready to use his scythe and slash in random direction while the arrow that was fired will most likely be somewhere the target will not like (body,arms,leg,etc..)

Ain't this a bit** (II)
Well the name say it all as Angel loads her bow with any arrow that suddenly burst into a random neon color of energy and once the arrow is shot the whole arrow seem to expand about the size of a steering wheel heading toward the enemy but then the huge energy arrow burst into a ton of mini arrows which flies around in random pattern making it hard to dodge but just leaping out the way but all of them seem to hit the target one way or another.

The user to is encircled by rushing wind for a moment. The wind is so thick and moves so quickly that it is hard to approach or see the user. The wind then passes away pressing in all directions.
Effects: Strength and Speed
Texp: 26
Max Stage: I


The Hades's Arrow (A)
Angel charges up an arrow but instead of firing it forward or upward toward her enemies, she shoots it into the ground where it is absorbed. Moments later the charged arrow shoots up from the ground (or water) toward the sky (or hitting a target). Soon after several more charged energy arrows burst from the ground in random places killing multiply targets in a medium range. The attack favors an air volley of arrows but from below the enemies and not from atop.
Type: Attack (Showstopper)


- Equipped: [ Angel's Bow (Dragon Slayer Bow) (A) ]
[ Blood Blade ]
- Equipped:
Head: [ Straw Hat ]
Shoulders: [ None ]
Back: [ Fairy Wings (A) ]
Body: [ Light Elvarm (B) ]
Hands: [ None ]
Feet: [ None ]
- Storage:
[ Elixir x2, Elixir of Det'Naw x2 ]
[ Potion ]
[ Arrows x5, blunt x5, fire x3, exploding x4 ]
[ Undead Monkey ]
[ Phoenix Serum x2 ]
[ Seal Tag ]
[ Exploding Tag x2 ]
[ Haito Plushie ]
[ Angelbroke Teleorb ]

Custom Item
Thuskai's Axe (S)
A large duel bladed bastard axe wielded by the mighty Thuskai. Its raw power comes from its enormous size and weight. It requires unnatural strength to wield properly without losing a category rank in both speed and swiftness.
Type: Weapon
Price: 50,000 gs
Darkness (Horse)

-Name: Legend
Type: Sabertooth Tiger
Element: Fire
Strengths: Str , Mag , Spd
Golden Armor (B)
Mystic Mount: Lacuna (Midnight blue dragon)

Path Name Wordcount
Path of the Champion 42,665 (completed)

OOC / Matchmaking
- msn messenger address: godevilsoul @ hotmail.com
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PostSubject: Re: Angel Wevit's Fresh Bio   Fri Jan 16, 2009 10:08 pm

Looks good.
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PostSubject: Re: Angel Wevit's Fresh Bio   Tue Jan 20, 2009 4:01 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Angel Wevit's Fresh Bio   

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Angel Wevit's Fresh Bio
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