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 The Cycle begins again(Closed)

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The Cycle begins again(Closed) Empty
PostSubject: The Cycle begins again(Closed)   The Cycle begins again(Closed) EmptyWed Dec 02, 2009 6:57 pm

The Cycle begins again(Closed) Adrian10

Adrian Darren Farenheights moved quietly through the courtyard of the School. He wore simple street clothes, his yakuta making him stand out way too much in an area like this. He wore gloves over the hands he had stuffed in his pockets. His boots thudded along the ground as he moved toward the main building of Sai-U's campus. It had been a long while since he'd been there, let alone seen the campus. Not since he'd left. And now he was there to leave something behind. The duffle bag he had slung over his shoulder carried nothing more than the severed head of Akiko Suzuhara, preserved from the date of her death in the woods.

Akiko had gone missing a while ago and the students and teachers had probably not even noticed. Then again if she were as Adrian thought her to be, she would have blanked herself from the memories of everyone she had encountered at the school. Something the swordsman would have done. Putting the bag down by the door of the building he took something out of his pocket flipping through the pamplet he'd been given. Shrugging he stepped from the building using a burst of speed to put himself several feet away from the bag. Nearly nobody at this school could have followed him. But he knew full well that once someone noticed the bag things would pick up.

He watched from a several yards away, smirking when he saw someone open the bag. She probably had every intention of returning it to it's owner. However the bag had his initials on it, but how could someone that died kill a teacher? The thought ran through his head captivating him as he thought of them trying to find the mysterious killer. So much so that he nearly missed the scream. Literally of bloody murder.

Those present ran toward her some to watch, others with intentions to help. But none of them had expected to see someone's head. Staff came out, ushering them away as they closed off the area and called the police. His eyes narrowed as he turned and walked away, calmly. There was no telling what would happen now. The death of a police officer, and then her teacher's head mysteriously popping up at school? The press was going to have a field day.

The shadow dragon had made it's move. All it could do now was sit back and wait for its opponents to make their own. It would only take one mistake to lead them to whoever did it. But how many officers would dare believe that the dead had come back to kill? Two down, a teacher, and a cop. He had only two more to go, but he knew that the flame master would be his toughest hunt. Satsu had gone underground before his return, something Adrian wondered about. Had he known that the swordsman would return to kill them? Had he forseen Adrian's vengence for their betrayl? It didn't matter. Satsu would come, sooner or later. And Adrian was a patient man. Pulling a strip of paper from his pocket the swordsman began walking toward the home of his next target. Mina was the only one, save for Satsu, that could reveal he was alive. And with her not in hiding, she was a bigger threat.

But then again what would happen if Natsuki came for him? She knew he was alive and who he was. She could find him, he was sure. But if she came she would have to fight him for the ability to survive. He wouldn't go quietly. Not for her, not for anyone. He had to make them suffer for their betrayl. And it was only a matter of time before everyone that knew who he was, was dead and gone. Dead men told no tales to normal people. But those that could see them could hear the tales and pass them on to others that could see them. But Yuna was too weak to remanifest. Her body broken, her soul cast into the four winds of fortune. Akiko was different though. Her soul had manifested as a human, though she had clearly been a Kami when she faced him in the woods. Only time would tell if she returned.

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The Cycle begins again(Closed) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Cycle begins again(Closed)   The Cycle begins again(Closed) EmptyThu Dec 03, 2009 12:34 am

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The Cycle begins again(Closed)
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