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 Extra 14[job]

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PostSubject: Extra 14[job]   Extra 14[job] EmptyThu Dec 03, 2009 5:13 am

Extra 14[job] Pbucket
The day was like any other, Izumi was in the middle of work sitting at her desk in Jyn's office. She gazed at the table before her and it was kinda srambled as she was on her break and was working on her portfolio she needed to fix up a bit and update. There was new thing's to add to it as she was learning new things on her free time and practicing up on old things to get them better. A new job for today was recieved by Ms. Yaa via text. The text informed her of her extra's position, Izumi was tired of this and wanted to try her own lead role for once, but Ms. Yaa told her that she needed to have patience and that it would come to her. This time she was playing one of the baddies that the hero had to fight for a few minutes in the moie before she was killed off. The weapon that was givin to her was a bo staff, and the fight scene proceeded to develop out where she had the advantage in the beginning but quickly the tides had turned where she began to lose and was then thrown out the window. This had been reheasred for a while before the actually shooting was taken, it took a few reshoot's to get it correctly, but it was done and Izumi was getting one step further to becoming famous. the movie that was being done was called "Big through in the little east"

-Word count: 256
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PostSubject: Re: Extra 14[job]   Extra 14[job] EmptySat Dec 05, 2009 12:52 pm

Updated Izumi

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Extra 14[job]
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