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 Extra 15[job]

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Mystic Moogle

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PostSubject: Extra 15[job]   Thu Dec 03, 2009 5:27 am

Izumi had been with Ms. Yaa for most of the morning conversing about new places she could try, Ms. Yaa constantly wanted to get various different gigs for Izumi to act in, she wanted to broaden Izumi's portfolio as much as possible. Ms. Yaa knew she had herself a star here and she was going to prove it to the world. Izumi has tried many different kinds of role, well extra roles. She had yet to try and lead roles, but still Ms. Yaa didn't feel like she was ready. Izumi personally felt like she was ready and constantly bickered to Ms. Yaa about it, but Ms. Yaa kept telling her no not yet, just a bit longer. This time the extra's role Izumi had delt with her being apart of a bank robbery in a action film as one of the goons. The movie prodution lasted for quite a few weeks and even into months. Izumi would appear for quite a lot of scenes until she was killed off, and only had to continue to appear as a dead body in the background until they got dummies to fill the role of the dead and then Izumi was able to go home and not have to worry about having to come back just to lay on the floor like a dead person. Acting it was such a thrill and a joy, Izumi by the end of this day had gotten a call from someone she hadn't met before, but was quite famous.

-Word count: 253
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Ascended Tonberry

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PostSubject: Re: Extra 15[job]   Sat Dec 05, 2009 12:52 pm

Updated Izumi

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Extra 15[job]
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