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 Reitosuru-Hitoshi Yukina (A)

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Surreal SaDiablo
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PostSubject: Reitosuru-Hitoshi Yukina (A)   Mon Feb 09, 2009 2:24 am


Age: Adolescent
Height: Med (5'10\")
Weight: Slim

Alignment: Neither
Motivating Factor: Pride, Honor, Proving her worth
Role model: Uncle (Reitosuru Akurei)
Theme: Good Charlotte | Riot girl
Romance: Cascada | Everytime We Touch
Peace/Happiness: Outlaw Star | Hiro no Tsuki
Confused Heart: Yellow Card | My Only One
Fighting (Offensive) : Nightwish | Planet Hell
Fighting (Defensive): Vanessa Mae | Storm
Transformation: Sephiroth Theme | One-winged Angel
Winning: Jonas Brothers | Poor Unfortunate Souls
Losing: Within Temptations | Angels
Making a Come Back: Christina Aguilera | Fighter

Kingdom Alignment: Kyrotoshi
Current Location: Hirokawa, T'Som
Class: Wevit (Natural bonus to Strength, Defense, and Speed)
Heritage: Heiress to the Reitosuru Clan
:: Uncle: Reitosuru Akurei (Leader of the Reitosuru), Grandfather: Reitosuru Ryu (Former Clan Leader)
:: Father: Reitosuru Akira (Deceased), Mother: Reitosuru Hanabi (Deceased)
:: Husband: Hitoshi Jiseki
Title(s): Veteran, Escort, Kagebushi, Proph
Job Title: Bodyguard (Personal Shadow)
Money: 16,150 gs
Starting Gear Type: Basic Sword
Wins: 4 | Losses: 0 | Draws: 0
Level: 14 // A (Advanced)
EXP: 39,124 [ Bin: 366 ]
Attribute Capacity: Mystic
Strength | Strong | 11
Defense | Average | 6
Magic | Weak | 0
Magic Defense | Average | 6
Speed | Strong | 11
Swiftness | Strong | 11 2
Charge | Average | 6
Bin: 2
[ Equipped: Chaos Kata (A) x2 -on waist-, Shining Kata (B) -on back- ][ Wakazashi (C) Basic Starting Weapon ]
Armory -
Head: [ Glossy Halo ], Shoulders: [ Legendary Cape ], Body: [ Kenshinzotie (A) ], Back: [Devil Wings (Null Earth)], Hands: [ Holy Wrappings (A), Chanel Ring, Engagement Ring ], Feet: [ Holy Wrappings (A), Tabi ], Waist: [Staminasash]
Storage: [ Curved Sword (C), Elixir, Phoenix Serum x2, Potion x2, Angelbroke Teleorb, Jiseki Plushie, Elixir, Boarguard Yukata (C), Telecommunis Orb, Elixir of Det'Naw ]

Site Events Participated In
:: A Test of Strength, Reclamation, Tsurugi Tourney, A Warrior's Requiem, Dark Eclipse, Destruction and Creation

Job Duties
:: Bodyguard 23

:: Good Deed, Town Hero, Profighter, Personal Trainer, Weapon Body, Random Violence, Ghost Ships Ahoy, Land Defender, Home Guardian, Kagebushi (Path) x7, Youth Mentor, Offensive Induction, Weapon Transformation, Officer Creation x4, Marriage

Quest Techniques
:: Shingai Tetsu, Home Guardian (Ervaf), Weapon Bond, Weapon Transformation


Package 3: Weapon (Bushido)
Slash (b)
Thrust (b)
Bash (b)
Dual Wield
Light Swipes (b)
Passing Slash (b)
Crescent Moon (b)
Battou Jutsu (b)
Spirit Blade (b)
Dual Battou (b)

Package 2: Fighting
Martial Arts
Jab (c)
Punch (b)
Kick (b)
Sweep (c)
Flying Triple Kick (b)
Tornado Kicks (b)
Flaming Uppercut (b)

Package 5: Pessiah
Swift Running
Elemental Strike (b)
Physical Bash (b)
Powered Second Form
Double Attack
Elemental Blast (b)
Omega Bash (b)
Elemental Wall (b)

Package 4: Defense
Weight Shift (c)
Guard (c)

Package 6: Statboosting
Adrenaline Rush (c.b)
Thunder run (b)
Resurrect (b)
Turtle Shell (c,b)
Eye Adaptation (b)

Mastery Training Techniques

Mastery Slot Completion
2 [0/10]

Limit Break

Makkana no Gesshoku (Crimson Eclipse) - This is a transformation that has passed along the bloodlines for the Reitosuru. It has been considered dangerous for those who are not trained properly and activate it. It is said that hatred fuels this transformation. That and bloodlust. Many Reitosuru have had to be killed when they activated this transformation because they were just too young and unskilled. The transformation is known when the user's eyes glow completely red, looking like something one would only see in hell. Also for those who are trained the user's hair shall turn silver and sometimes for males it will grow down their back.
Effects: Strength and Swiftness
MAX Stage: 1
T-EXP: 0
Kuragari Genso no Mon (Gate of the Dark Element) - A clan transformation passed along the ages. This is the first gate dealing with the shadow/dark element. When this is activated the user's eyes glow red and the shadows all around seem to flicker. The user's body turns into a shadow and can melt into them if they so choose. They become lightning quick and are hard to pinpoint at times.
Effects: Partial cloaking, Speed and Swift increase 2 levels (Darkstalker Transformation)
T-EXP: 0

Life Path
Kagebushi: 40,225
Warlord: 6,266

Name: Tsuki
Magic, Speed and Strength
Platinum Mountmor (A)

OOC / Matchmaking
- msn messenger address: phoenixheiress666@yahoo.com
- contact to RP: Anytime

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Surreal SaDiablo
Ascended Tonberry

Number of posts : 3123
Points : 3
Rep! : 257
Registration date : 2009-01-03

PostSubject: Re: Reitosuru-Hitoshi Yukina (A)   Mon Feb 09, 2009 2:25 am

Assassin Guild[ Reitosuru Clan ]
Reitosuru Yukina

Kagashi, Byakuya, Kino, Rangiku, Saia, Sousuke, Watari, Zaraki, Shunsui, Unohana, Kisuke, Ukitake
(Red means locked)

Number of Troops: 100
Number of Divisions: 3

Division 1: Weapon
Number in this Division: 60
Division Techniques: Weapon melee, hand to hand, trapping, tracking, sensing and stealth

Division 2: Arcane
Number in this Division: 30
Division Techniques: Arcane (Element), hand to hand, trapping, tracking, sensing and stealth
(6 Fire, 6 Water, 6 Earth, 6 Wind, 6 Nether)

Division 3: Healing
Number in this Division: 10
Division Techniques: Healing/Medical, hand to hand, trapping, tracking, sensing and stealth


Name: Reitosuru Kagashi
Rank: Inner Circle Second in Command
Age: 23
Weapon: Katana, Chaos Katana (A)
Does: Takes Command of Leadership when Yukina is not around
Related: Second Cousin to Yukina, Nephew to Zaraki
S:16, D:6, M:0, MD:0, Sp:6,Sw:11,C:0
Telecommunis Orb

Name: Reitosuru Byakuya
Rank: Inner Circle Captain
Age: 27
Weapon: Chaos Katana(A)
Does: Known for his beautiful fighting
. Byakuya is a serious man who takes command if Kagashi is not around.
Related: Cousin to Saia
Telecommunis Orb

Name: Reitosuru Kino
Rank: Inner Circle Captain
Age: 22
Weapon: Katana
Does: Known for his ability to negotiate. He is the speaking voice for Yukina when she is not around and also her main advisor.
Related: N/A Adopted Clan member
Telecommunis Orb

Name: Reitosuru Rangiku
Rank: Inner Circle Captain
Age: 24
Weapon: Wakazashi, Wolfang Chainblade (A)
Does: Known for being lazy and a bit of a drinker. It would seem like Rangiku is a burden. Rangiku is used for information. That is her true strength. Finding out everything the clan needs to know to win.
Related: N/A Adopted Clan member
S:11, D:6, M:0, MD:6, Sp:6,Sw:10,C:0
Telecommunis Orb

Name: Reitosuru Saia
Rank: Inner Circle Captain
Age: 20
Weapon: Katana, Shadowbeast Naginata (A)
Does: Known for his infiltration and ability to lower his enemies defenses with his carefree nature.
Related: Cousin to Byakuya
Telecommunis Orb

Name: Reitosuru Sousuke-Aizen
Rank: Inner Circle Captain
Age: 29
Weapon: Katana, Scythe of Oblivion (A)
Does: Sousuke, also known as Aizen within the inner circle is a tactician. He is also the leading doctor for the clan who heals without magical abilities. He is a genius and help Yukina manage their growing clan.
Related: Elder brother of Watari
S:11, D:11, M:0, MD:0, Sp:6,Sw:11,C:0
Telecommunis Orb

Name: Reitosuru Watari
Rank: Inner Circle Captain
Age: 21
Weapon: Double-bladed Katana, Shadowbeast Naginata (A)
Does: Known as the \\\"Fox\\\" among his clan members. Watari is usually sent in first to scope a terrian. He is a tactician and can fight in any place with easy.
Related: Younger brother of Sousuke
S:6, D:6, M:0, MD:0, Sp:11,Sw:16,C:0
Telecommunis Orb

Name: Reitosuru Zaraki Kenpachi
Rank: Inner Circle Captain
Age: 37
Weapon: Chaos Katana(A)
Does: Known for his monstrous
power and love for a fight. He is the powerhouse sent in when a job seems to much for one person alone.
Related: Uncle to Kagashi
Telecommunis Orb

Name: Reitosuru Kisuke
Rank: ??
Age: 28
Weapon: ??
Does: ??
Related: ??

Name: Reitosuru Unohana
Rank: Leading Healer
Age: Unknown, believed to be well in her fifties though
Weapon: Maji Earrings
Does: Leading Kinos Medic of the Reitosuru. She is known for her gentle, soothing nature. Yet she has a temper that everyone fear ever seeing from the kindly healer.
Related: Mother to Isane
S:0, D:0, M:20, MD:6, Sp:0,Sw:0,C:13
Telecommunis Orb

Name: Reitosuru Shunsui
Rank: ??
Age: 45
Weapon: ??
Does: ??
Related: ??

Name: Reitosuru Ukitake
Rank: ??
Age: 48

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Reitosuru-Hitoshi Yukina (A)
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