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 Flashback: Always Be Prepared

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PostSubject: Flashback: Always Be Prepared   Wed Jan 20, 2010 3:59 am

One of the best things about having scouts is that they can gather information about things that I may want to know about like the latest piece of information that has been brought to my attention. It would seem that there is a former pupil of the Dark Smith who is capable of bonding weapons, armor, or even items to a human or a spirit. This will be extremely useful as I will be able to call forth my armor and weapons whether I am in my purely humanoid form or if I awaken the Dark Kami transformation. Floating in the forest, I look around and find myself waiting on two of my operatives. I think about the last skirmish that my forces in Onitoshi were engaged in and smile. Some of the beasts that dark magi are able to conjure are truly amazing and often bothersome. I take a deep breath as I sense a new arrival. A package is laid on the ground before my elevated position with a lightly armored demon kneeling next to it. I descend rather quickly to stop in front of the package and open it. Looking over the suit of armor, I smile. I suppose that donation has brought about much better care from the Dark Smith for the wares he creates for me. I nod to the operative and hand him a small pouch of goods with an exchange value of about $400 here in Yochi. Seeing no reason to remove my current suit of armor, I leave the package where it is and nod to the demon who then wraps it back up to conceal the contents. I pick up the suit of armor and keep walking thru the forests towards the area where the hut of this pupil is supposed to be located. Tired of carrying all these items, I stop and release the ethereal call out across the nearby area. Three ming'yons appear and I smile at them. With a flick of my wrists, all of my gear is transported to their backs securely and we keep moving. I come to a small opening amongst the trees and find a hut in the near distance. Looking around, I find myself annoyed that the hired operative who wanted a job from me is still not here. If he can't find me, what good is he going to be plus he has my other suit of armor. This is becoming quite a bother at this point.

While I am waiting, I kneel down and play with my yokai beasts. I swear these beasts are extremely bipolar as they are incredibly nice and fun with me, but as soon as the foreign scent arrives, two of them turn and growl fiercely at the new demon. The third stares intently ahead as if it sees and smells something ahead. Hmm... no matter. The demon walks up and I look up at the sky. "You are quite late and I am sure that you were told that I value punctuality. "I really don't think you deserve payment at this point." The demon speaks, "I went thru a lot of trouble to acquire this." I smirk, "You should have been smarter like the other operative and just went and bought it. He got paid for his services. Bring me my armor and go away." The demon tells me that he will be keeping my armor as payment since I don't want to pay him. Without even looking at him, I use my Telekinetix power to draw the suit of armor over to me and shake my head. I had hoped that I would not have to kill you, but you are now starting to get on my nerves.

The yokai minion facing the hut starts to growl and I turn around. There is a strange looking beast that I don't think I have ever seen before moving over towards me. As it comes closer into view and I am able to look into its eyes, my eyes glow as I penetrate its mind. Grabbing control over the beast for at least a while, I command the beast to play with the demon before it kills him and I nonchalantly walk past it towards the hut. The demon looks at me as the two growling yokai minions collect my new suit of armor and follow me onward. The demon takes off running and the chimera gives chase. Walking up to the hut, I see the robed man walk out of the hut and look at me. "That is one way to evade my guardian. I gather by their pack mule status that you are here for business." I grab a pouch that has around $27,000 worth of gems inside and toss it to him. "Let's get to work, shall we? And yes, I know... it's going to be a very painful process. I've been informed." The Dark Apprentice smirks and nods as he leads me inside to begin.

Once inside, I lay down on the table and he begins with the armor I am wearing. He begins to chant and rather than try to learn the chant and feel the energy that he uses to see if I can understand it, I elect instead to seek solace and comfort within the confines of my own mind. This works for a while to escape the pain until we get to my beast form items as they are bonded to my very spirit. My fangs begin to grow as my tail releases and claws protrude from the back of my hands. The Dark Apprentice watches with a smile as I struggle to contain my transformation. He continues with the imbuing process and tells me that he is impressed. Breathing very heavily and rapidly, I ask him why and he tells me that most people pass out by now. I smirk and say nothing considering that I myself am on the verge of doing just that. I nod to him and he looks at Lucia's Pendant which is around my neck and speaks, "I don't think you'll want to lose that." I grit my teeth and release a light growl of pain as he bonds the pendant to my form. As the thirteenth and final item is bonded to me, I struggle to maintain my consciousness. I thank him for his services and tell him that if he is ever in Onitoshi again, that I would be sure to send him proper gratitude (sexy wenches!) for his service to me now. Slowly getting off of the table, I stumble before remaining propped up by the larger of my Ming'yons. Weakly, I speak, "Timatimana..." I vanish from sight heading back to Onitoshi to rest for a while after this. Very painful indeed.

1190 words
Dark Bonding Quest for:
» // Body Armor (Onishoppe) x3
» // Armbladlets (Humanoid)

» // Beastial Armor (Beast)
» // Bodiblaydez (Beast)
» // Tailmayze (Beast)
» // ClawExtenzions (Beast)

» // Windywoes Ring (Strong)
» // Thundergod Ring (Strong)
» // Coldrealm Ring (Strong)
» // Brimstone Ring (Strong)

» // Lucia's Pendant

EXP = 1190 x Quest Multiplier
PWC = +1190 to Veilos Syli
-$27,600 from Psi Voli funds
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PostSubject: Re: Flashback: Always Be Prepared   Thu Jan 28, 2010 12:48 am

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Flashback: Always Be Prepared
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