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 Ciena Malvinius (A)

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PostSubject: Ciena Malvinius (A)   Mon Feb 09, 2009 2:29 am

Age: Adult | Height: Med | Weight: Slim | Alignment: Neither
Motivating Factor: To prove herself and one day best Lord Cruze in a battle
Role model: Lord Ashurei Cruze
Character Theme Music
Nanne Gronvall - Hall Om Mig - Hold Me Now
Sweetbox - Cinderella
OOC / Matchmaking- msn messenger address: phoenixheiress666@yahoo.com
- contact to RP: anytime
Kingdom Alignment: Al'Yak > Kyrotoshi
Current Location: Eurothia
Class: Kinos
Heritage: Father: Lord Christos Malvinius
Mother: Lady Aurora Malvinius
Younger Sister: Alexia Malvinius
Title(s): Seductress
Job Title: Aristocrat (Personal Council)
Money: 12,780 gs
Starting Gear Type: Short Rod (Ring)

Wins: 0, Losses: 0, Draws: 0

Level: 13
EXP: 32,777
Bin: 486
Rank: A (Advanced)
Attribute Capacity: Mystic

MagicMystic12 (+4)
Magic DefenseAverage7
SpeedAverage6 (+2)
Site Events Participated In:
- Reclamation
- Tsurugi Tournament
- Dark Eclipse

Job Duties Completed:
- Aristocrat 20

Quests Completed:
- Good Deed x9
- Evil Deeds x6
- Pet Quest x3
- Character Origins
- Youth Mentor
- Ghost Ship Ahoy!
- Personal Trainer
- Realm of the Succubae
- Marriage
- Transunlock

Quest Abilities:
- Succubae Charm

Package 2
Kinos Kombat
Jab (c)
Punch (c, b)
Kick (c, b)
Sweep (c)
Topaz Strikes (b)
Energized Double Strike (b)
Package 3
Condensation (c)
Wetgrounds (c)
Hydrant (c,b)
SlipperyGrounds (b)
Ice Bind (b)
Package 3
Sandy Eyes(c)
Earth Wall (c,b,a)
Sand Armor (c,b,a)
Sand Bullets (c,b)
Ground Bind (c,b)
Slowaga (c,b)
Earth Spikes (b,a)
Quick Sand (b,a)
Sand Blaster (b,a)
Sandwich (a)
Package 3
Burning Touch (c)
Flameball (c,b)
Flamewall (c,b)
Molten (b)
Heatsink Cloud (b)
Package 7
MagAim Assist (c,b)
Beam Curvature (c)
MagQuick Draw (b)
Conserve (b)
Limited Honing (b)
Light MageRestore
Head: [ Ornate Comb (+4 Mag - Wizard Hat) ]
Ears: Jade Earrings (A) (+Mag Attack - Maji Earrings)
Shoulders: [ Enchanted Cape (Lengendary Cape) ]
Neck: [ Dark Matter Amulet ]
Body: [ Enchanted Kimono (A) -Royal Mage Robe- ]
Back: [Fallen Angel Wings (Elemantal-Null~Earth - Devil Wings)]
Waist: [Lovely Obi (Stamina Sash)]
Hands: [ Holy Wrappings (A), Brown Ring(+Earth), Red Ring (+Fire) ]
Feet: [ Holy Wrappings (A) , Elegant Slippers (+2 Speed - Speed Slippers) ]

[ Phoenix Serum x2, Potion x2, Angelbroke Teleorb, Cruze Plushie, Pet Collar x2, Telecommunis Orb ]
Limit Break

:: Goddess of Destruction (B Rank) ::
Praying upon the powers of the nether realms, calling on the souls who still scream in agony beneath the sealed gates of the underground, Ciena is garbed in a robe of black, a scythe made of fire appearing in front of her form. Her eyes are entirely white and the screams of the dead fill the air with their screams of anguish. One without a warrior's heart might be disheartened and lose the power to fight as the scythe glows and fire explodes from it as it suddenly launches itself forward, spinning rapidly. It barrels into the enemy, seeming to go right through them, but making no cut. Moments later the enemy will go up in flames.

:: Goddess of Creation (C Rank) ::
Praying to the mother earth, goddess of life and creation, the image of a rose blooms behind Ciena. The earth seems to quiet before a dragon made of earth explodes up out of the ground before the enemy and barrels into them with a fearsome, earth shaking roar of destruction.


:: Celestial Moon ::
Calling on the mother moon for her guidance and aide, the sky goes dark and the moon can be seen above. Its rays highlight the praying Ciena and encase her for a moment before exploding outward, revealing Ciena garbed in white, priestess robes.
Effects: Magic, Charge
Max Stage: 1

Life Paths

Path for Nobility: 20,059
Path of Business: 000

Name: Mokoni "Moko"
Type: Moogle [Mystic]
Gender: Male
Rank: C
Attacks: Puff Kick, Dance, Moogle Song

Name: Yugure "Yu-kun"
Type: Moogle [Mystic] | Gender: Male | Rank: C
Attacks: Puff Kick, Dance, Moogle Song

Name: Karasu "Kara-kun"
Type: Chocobo [Natural] | Gender: Male | Rank: C
Attacks: Peck
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Ciena Malvinius (A)
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