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 Open Quests (March)

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PostSubject: Open Quests (March)   Fri Mar 05, 2010 12:16 pm

Reoccurring - Permanent
"Dark Bonding"
After a falling out, the apprentice of the Dark Smith left Onitoshi and moved into the western forests. There he set up a small hut. His name is spread among the demons of the forest. He does not build weapons and accessories like his master, but he does have the ability to imbue his master's weapons. He is able to convert the weapons into rune symbols that etch into the body (very painfully) so that someone can store their weapons on them spiritually. Find out about the smith and journey to his shop. You will have to defeat his home guardian, a regenerating Chimera, in order to see him. Pay the fee of $2,000 and you can have a weapon or armor tattooed to your body to be called out whenever you need it.

Location: Western Forests (Present Realm)
Reward: Weapon Bonding - allows the user to store you weapons in your soul through a rune symbol and allows you to manifest your weapon after stored.
"Critter Master"
The past holds several creatures that do not exist in the normal time realm. These creatures are wild and dangerous and should probably be avoided. Still there are thrill seekers in this world! There is an off chance that you may be able to tame one of these animals and keep it as a pet. The ability to tame an animal depends on the personalities of the animal and the person trying to tame it. You may have to lull the savage beast or beat it into submission with your bare hands. There is a chance, that after subduing an animal, it is faking being tamed to eat or hurt you (i.e. the taming fails); this is a 40/60 chance. You have to roll after completing the quest to confirm whether or not the taming worked and you get to keep the pet (perform a roll; category “trained”). If you roll a hit, you get to keep the animal. The animal tamed may be no smaller than a rat and no larger than an elephant. You may roll once per quest. If you fail the quest 3 times, the critter will have mercy on you and self tame.

Location: Forests (Past Realm)
Reward: NPC Pet – a type of personnel in the form of a beast. They have average stats and 100% HP. Once they’re dead, they’re dead for good, like normal personnel (unless revived). They are able to have the same techniques as Min’gyon Yokai unit but their abilities are more mystical than magical.
"Remove the Burden"
Since the emergence of Power Brokers, magical and mystical powers have been exchanging at an increasingly high rate. There is a small group of Power Brokers that have the ability to extract an unwanted powers and implant a clear orb which is called RPX (Raw Potential). This clear orb replaces the power with the EXP and TEXP requirement of the power. Now, obviously nothing is free so it will require a price. Not all members of the RPX Group require coin, some will need a favor done for them. Once you are able to meet with the Power Broker, make a normal roll. Even = $$$, Odds = Favor. A NPC Mod will post the favor. Complete the task or pay the fee and the Power Broker will relieve you of the unwanted ability.

Location: Western Forests (Either Realm) or Lower Commons (Present Realm)
Reward: Converts an unwanted ability/technique into the equivalent EXP and TEXP
Restriction: Can only be done twice per week due to the strain of the RPX Extraction
March Exclusive
It is said that a person's love for another can augments ones strength, seeing the ones we love in danger causes a primal force within us to unleash. In order to find out if this bond is truly there, the couple must travel to one of two places...the Sacred Temple of Kishin within the Spirius realm or An Ancient Temple located within the Sai City 'Past'. The couple must travel at the deep end of the temple where they will fight an Onikonjou resembling that of their significant other (like an exact copy, often the female but varies). The Onikonjou NPC possesses attributes +1 higher than the strongest person in the party for the quest. He/she also possesses the Tyme Package in addition to all the packages held by the quest members at a honed level.

Location: Solvay (Future Realm) or Forests (Past Realm)
Rewards: Oba-durai-bu! (passive) - Oba-durai-bu is a passive skill that only occurs when certain conditions are met. When the significant other (The person they did the quest with) Health reaches 50% or less, the overall tech levels of the person increases by +1. When the Significant other is killed in the thread, the Attribute of the person increases by +1. If the significant other isn't revived by the end of the thread then both will permanently lose the skill. When the significant other Health is restored above 50%, the person returns to normal and lose the + bonuses.
STATUS: Kazakura, Domen'Yun (3 slots)
“Lovers fight”
Within a tribe is a couple. Each member of this couple leads certain portion of the village tribe. With the two in disagreement, the rest of the tribe cannot coexist well. Be the love Dr. and help them with their problems. Try to solve their issue, for the sake of the Tribe and you will be rewarded.

Location: Forest (Past Realm)
Rewards: $400 in past currency
"Our Blood Boils"
Two Tribes has been at war for years, increasing the number of death for years. What could be the cause of this? A Powerful Shape shifting Onikonjou who has mastery over the Pysche abilities as well as Demonic arts. Unlike most demons, this one possesses much experience and power, being in the manipulation/killing game over years. He knows everyone in both tribes and sometimes takes the form of the leaders of the tribes to stir up trouble. The villages are hostile towards newcomers and even make assassination attempts. Let’s put an end to this, Stop that Demon somehow and his corruption of the tribes before it’s too late

Location: Forest (Past Realm)
Rewards: x2 TEXP from thread (up to 10 days) + 0.50% EXP to quest grading
STATUS: OPEN (3 slots)
Whether you're a hacker, security specialist/criminal hit man, off-duty government agent, or mercenary, you have been called in to track down and neutralize a potential security leak. Use your skills to find out how the leak occurred, who has the leaked information, and make sure that no one will ever hear them or that there is no evidence to support them. This information cannot make it to your employer's enemies. If you retrieve the Intel, you could always make a copy before you give it back to blackmail them or call in a favor later.

Location: Variable
Reward: $750
"New Recipe"
While you were at home cooking for yourself or significant other or they were cooking for you, you realize that this dish is really, really good. Now there are a few big eateries that might be interested in your recipe for making the drink or dish. Let them sample it and make yourself some money. You could be responsible for a major boost in their profits.

Location: Variable
Reward: $600 + possibility of getting a job
"Slayer of Men"
Hunt down and kill a high-ranking official or celebrity to bring chaos to the world. There are more than enough people willing to pay for their death for various reasons. This could include illegal wagers, stock manipulation, media shift, etc. Either way, there is a reason for this person to die even if you do want to just kill them for fun or on accident. Be creative! If this quest is done in the Past Realm, then you will receive the compensation in the currency of the Past Realm.

Location: Variable
Required: Onikonju
Reward: $2,500 and +3 Turf points to that grid section
War has broken out between two rival small time clans. One clan over ran the other clan's temple and have capture the priestess! Your mission if you so choose to accept is to retake the temple and save the priestess Zelda! This will not be any easy job as the other clan is using dark magic and has summon a horde of fiends. Fight your way through them and kill the dark priest and win the battle!

Location: Northernlands (Past Realm)
Reward: Free rank up to one skill
STATUS: Adrian, Novak
"Magic Water"
In the center of the village of Caotang lies a dry well. Anyone in the village will tell you that a decade ago the well just suddenly dried up and all the magic left. It is time for the annual fair and the streets are crowded. But if you watch the events closely you will find that same family, the Peeps, are winning every event. The vegetables are bigger and riper. Their sheep are perfect, they are perfect. Everyone in the town will say they are cheating somehow. When you follow them back to their farm, you hear them talking about rerouting the spring that fed the town well. Somehow you have to prove this to the townsfolk and get the well back to normal.

Location: Caotang Village (Past Realm)
Reward: $500 in past currency
This quest has two different paths that can be taken in it:

: A daughter of the Caliph has gone missing. She disappeared in the middle of the night. Follow the clues to the Desert Beetle. Malloc may have information for you for the right price. She was sold into slavery and is on a caravan heading south. You must bring her back safely or the Caliph will have your head.

: Malloc, from the desert beetle, has hired you as caravan guards for his latest shipment of illegal goods heading south. But first he asks that you sneak into the palace of the caliph and steal away his oldest daughter. She would fetch a handsome some of money if sold into slavery. You will have to sneak around palace guards and then protect the caravan from those sent by the caliph to rescue his daughter.

Location: Hejar Village (Past Realm)
Reward: $1000 in past currency
"Time Bandit"
The scrolls of time have been stolen from the temple. Since you are not native of the island and their clan, you have been accused of the crime. You have been arrested and are stuck in a cell until your death sentence to be carried out. Time to break out and find the real culprit, an Onikonjou who is constantly changing forms. He has Demonic Arts as well as the Tyme package mastered. You will have to fight him to get the scrolls back.

Location: Shima Village (Past Realm)
Reward: 1 Dark Scroll
"Kyoso no Oni"
In ancient times she was a powerful Agasha clan priestess that was so afraid of aging and losing her beauty she gave herself to an Oni Lord in exchange for eternal life and beauty. With the selling of her soul the Oni known only as Okura, daughter of the Oni Lord Akuma no Oni. In public she appears only as a model, perfectly human, and senses just as such. When someone calls her true name, lost to time, she transforms into the full Kyoso no Oni. Find out her name, somehow and track her down then send her back to Hell where she belongs.

Location: Variable, except the Metro (Present Realm)
Requires: Shinteraction
Reward: The Curse of the Ageless - this ability makes the host look as if they are immortal. On the outside, they will not age with time, though they age normally internally.
March Special
"The Onisu"
The story of the Onisu is lost in the chronicles of time. These demons came into being as an indirect consequence of the betrayal of a Katsuhito priestess (Mizuho) when her family turned against her. She swore the soul of her first born child to the rulers of hell if only for the power to fight back against her betrayers and thus the Onisu were born. After being summoned they faithfully served even after Hell had gotten its payment in the form of Mizuho taking the life of her first born. After her death the Onisu fled into different parts of the world to influence it as they saw fit. If you hunt down and slay an Onisu, then you can steal its fleeting soul and gain one use of its power or it will bond to you allowing you to summon its power once.

Fushin, Lord of Betrayal
A beautiful male demon spirit, almost angelic in nature, that is able to curse all those within visible distance.
Location: Past Realm, Forest
Status: ADRIAN

Hakai, Lord of Death
A dark reaper spirit that has the ability to perform a large and devastating scythe slash from the heavens leaving a rut in the land.
Location: Past Realm, Forest
Status: OPEN

Kanashimi, Lady of Sorrow
A hawk spirit with horns and black wings that has the ability to incur poisonous rains from the heavens to cover up to three city blocks.
Location: Future Realm, Gothstone
Status: OPEN

Kyofu, Lord of Fear
A twisted and dark jester spirit that holds the ability to stun everyone in visible range for a full post.
Location: Past Realm, Forest
Status: DOMEN

Muchitsujo, Lord of Chaos
An amorphous cloud of dark energy barely able to keep any form with a red orb at its core with the ability to seriously disorient all within visible range for two full posts.
Location: Future Realm, Lower Commons
Status: OPEN

Nikushimi, Lady of Hatred
A black mantis spirit with the ability to caste doom on all within visible range.
Location: Future Realm, Northern Heights
Status: OPEN

Settozai, Lord of Greed
This spirit looks like a very large golden coin. It has the ability to “make it rain” dropping millions of gold coins over a block radius dealing destructive damage.
Location: Past Realm, Forest
Status: PSYRE

Yokubo, Lady of Desire
A seductive female spirit who changes form constantly with the ability to cause a climax to all within visible range causing those affected to be paralyzed for a post.
Location: Future Realm, Club Hype
Status: OPEN

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PostSubject: Re: Open Quests (March)   Sun Mar 07, 2010 2:38 pm

Quest Complete:
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PostSubject: Re: Open Quests (March)   Sun Mar 14, 2010 3:50 am

Me and Blue got Our Blood Boils.
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PostSubject: Re: Open Quests (March)   Wed Mar 24, 2010 12:16 am

claiming Oba-durai-bu!
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PostSubject: Re: Open Quests (March)   Mon Mar 29, 2010 11:48 am

Claiming Time Bandit
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PostSubject: Re: Open Quests (March)   Wed Mar 31, 2010 7:10 pm

Claiming Hakai, Lord of Death

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PostSubject: Re: Open Quests (March)   

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Open Quests (March)
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