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PostSubject: Evander   Wed Mar 17, 2010 3:41 am


-Basic Info
character name : Evander Livius Faurn
alias/nickname: Evander, Evan, Livius
theme songs:
- Sadness (Last Man)
- Battle 1 (Tree of life)
- Battle 2 (Death is the road to Awe)
- Love (Stay With me)
msn messenger addy: Strayedwolff@hotmail.com
sex: Male
Age: 23
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 155 lbs
Blood Type: AB
Sign: Cancer
Likes/Interests: Soft Music, rain, Astrology, Fall, books without happy endings, obsessed with death.
Residential location: Lower Commons
job: intern
class: low
pay: 700
pocket funds: $0
saving funds: $0
housing: Small loft
transportation: old Truck
Race: Human
Type: Hito
Affinity: Sound
-Combat Info
EXP: 0
T-EXP: 0
JC: 0
PWC: 0 Scientific Researcher
Health: 100%
Stamina: 100%
Attribute Strength: Average
-_______ (__)
-_______ (__)
-_______ (__)
- SonicBlayde (Honed)
-_______ (__)
-_______ (__)
-_______ (__)

History: When he was 10 Evander’s mother killed himself no able to handle Evander’s constant illness and the increasing debt, along with his father’s long work hours she finally had a mental break down and over dosed. Evander woke that night from a nightmare of his mother’s death and went to see if he could sleep in her room. When she didn’t wake Evander crawled in the bed and slept beside his deceased mother until his father got home the next morning. Things only got worse from there, eventually Evander’s father followed suite and after his passing Evander was sent to a foster home and after a few months of not speaking was forced into therapy. Around age 16 Evander’s foster parents adopted him as one of the family. Evander started to come out of his shell little by little until one night when he came home to a house soaked in blood and dead bodies, and a vicious looking shadow creature standing over the slaughtered family. The police didn’t believe Evander’s story, and he was thrown into another foster home. Evander continuously freaked out his new foster parents, obsessed with death and what happens when one dies. He was known for bringing dead animals home and for studying Wicca and the occult. He was forced into more therapy and medication, but managed to finish College at the top of his class. Evander eventually moved out and has dedicated his life to unraveling the mysteries of the human soul and death.

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PostSubject: Re: Evander   Wed Mar 17, 2010 8:19 am


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