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 How to: "Finding the Right Post Easily"

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PostSubject: How to: "Finding the Right Post Easily"   Tue Mar 23, 2010 12:13 pm

How to: "Finding the Right Post Easily"

Q: I want to be able to check the posts that I need to respond to when I get on the boards without navigating to the board manually.

A1: Use the Portal. The portal link (black box) takes you to the main mssgbrd interface. Clicking on that link brings you to a scrolling list that is kind of like MSN's "what's new" page. It shows the latest 99 threads sorted by most recent to least recent. If you want to keep an eye on overall activity, this is the board. The portal also has quick links to popular threads (i.e. site suggestions, ooc threads, admin review, etc.), members stats and who's online.

A2: Use View Your Posts (Red Box). This gives you a list of all threads that you've posted in... ever. It's listed in order of date, so the most recent is top on the list. It tells you who the last person to post in the thread was.
- Tip: you can Right click the links to the threads you're in and go to "Open in New Window" to keep your list open so that you can open up all the threads you need to reply to in different posts.

A3: Use View Unanswered Posts (Red Box). This will show you all the threads that are currently open that you've posted on, but no one has replied on yet. It's good for bumping old threads you may have forgotten about.

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How to: "Finding the Right Post Easily"
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