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 To Northern Heights!

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To Northern Heights! Empty
PostSubject: To Northern Heights!   To Northern Heights! EmptyThu Mar 25, 2010 2:14 pm

To Northern Heights! RikuSchoolUniform
With his new ability to come to the human's realm of existence, and actually effect things, Tadao now just needed a place to go. He needed to go to human school, something he hated and wanted to rip apart, but for now he had to attend. His parents had contacted the school and told them that they were sending him there, along with all the forms already signed and marked on. Tadao had passed the entrance exam with a little above average score: after all, he needed to be smart to hack and not get caught, he could surely pass a human test. Now he was making his way to school, a sigh slipping his lips as he was forced to take a more indirect route through Northern Heights and then into the Academic District.
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To Northern Heights!
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