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 Approved Taintings

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PostSubject: Approved Taintings   Mon Mar 29, 2010 10:06 am

Porcupyne Tainting

Porcupyne Transformation
This transformation causes the user's body to become covered in sharp quills. It invokes the user’s ability to use all other techs in this package. Due to the properties of the transformation, the techniques in this package can be used without a drain in stamina for as long as the transformation holds. The transformation drains the host 10 points of stamina per turn and does not passively regenerate.
Effect: Drains 10 stamina a turn

This allows the user to lengthen the hairs on his or her body into one or more quills instantly. These quills don't do any damage themselves, but due to their design they stick to the user and are very hard to remove. They can be released by the host to stay in a target and work themselves in deeper over time. After a quill is released from the host’s body, another will slowly regrow to replace it. Once a quill is in place on a target, it will drain an opponent every time he or she moves. The user is able to release up to 5 activated quills per level.
Effect: Quill strength is strong; an active quill drains opponent's HP 1% per post of movement

Ratyl and Roll
With this technique, the user curls up into a ball to ram into an opponent. Training this technique enables one to stop at higher speeds without self-harm. Upon stopping, a distinctive rattling noise is emitted from the user. This tech has slight homing capabilities. With a successful ram, both the rammer and the rammee are momentarily stunned right after impact. This ability can be used in conjunction with Pyloerection.
Effect: Projects user to a target at a speed equal to the technique’s level

Rolling Buckler
This technique allows one to curl up into a quill-covered defensive ball while holding still. It can be used with Pyloerection and increases the user’s overall defense while in this position. During the user of this technique, the user’s movement and visibility will be hindered greatly.
Effect: +1 Defense attribute

A projectile based technique that allows the host to launch quills from their body to a target with the velocity of an arrow. When trained, the user will be able to fire more than one quill at a time.
Effect: can fire 1 quill per level simultaneously at an opponent

Soul Eater Tainting

Reaper Xformation
The user becomes a monster similar to that of the legendary Grim Reaper. The skin decays from their body, leaving nothing but a skeleton in whatever clothing they wore. As their body decays around them a black cloak manifests around the user, allowing them to blend in more with the idea of death itself. While in this form, the user will only take 75% of damage that is dealt to it. Becoming death takes a harsh toll on the host. Once the transformation is over, the user will take the rest of the damage at 25% per turn for 4 turns until all of the damage taken has been paid off. The user must eventually pay back all damage taken while in reaper form.
Effect: damage manipulation, every attack taken reduces the reaper's stamina 5% per attribute level

Hell- Reaper's Breath
The Reaper draws in it's breath, literally sucking the life out of the world around it, leaving the area around it dead and decaying and increasing how long the user will be able to remain in the reaper transformation. It takes a full non attacking post for the reaper to fully draw in and absorb this stamina.
Effect: +5% STA per level of control.

Deadly Fingertips
The reaper will be able to draw stamina from corpses via touch. By touching the body of a downed person on the battlefield, the reaper is able to drain them of their remaining essence and use it for him/herself. It takes a full non attacking post for the reaper to fully draw in and absorb this stamina. For non members (npcs) the reaper is able to claim up to 10% STA per body per post.
Effect: Drains remaining stamina from a KO or Dead target.

Black Shadow- Reaper Form
The user creates an aura of death, inspiring a paralyzing fear in people around him. This projects an illusion to those around them and they experience their own deaths in horrifying ways that repeat time and again.
Effect: Paralyzes for 2 turns, bind strength is strong, range = 10 feet per level

Judgment- Reaper Form
The reaper is able to caste a death judgment on a target with a special attack. By channeling their powers into an attack, the reaper passes a part of their spirit into the target inducing a spiritual poisoning.
Effect: + Doom added to an attack, drain is Fierce


Wasp Xformation
Wasps grow large, thin, chitinous wings from their back, black claw-like nails, and a large, multi-segmented rear abdominal joint ended with a lethal stinger. Able to fly and maneuver extremely well, they are able to attack from land, air, or wall.
Effect: Stinger damage based on Strength attribute +1. Stinger and wings have 1/2 user’s HP and regrow after 10 posts

Wasp Venom (Passive)
The Wasp’s stinger is coated in a powerful venom, though, unlike the spider, this is lethal. Wasp Venom, is ejected into the user with a successful sting and after stinging, must be refilled before another use in a sting. It takes fives posts to refill the fluid in the stinger.
Effect: damage is Average, +Poison

Flight (Passive)
This gives the tainted person the ability to learn to fly using their massive wings. Once perfected, the user will be able to push his/her wings fast enough to create a small wind barrier about their body that displaces weak attacks.
Effect: flight speed based on attribute +1, weak barrier at perfected

Wall Cling (Passive)
This is the ability for Wasps, using their claw-like appendages, to stick to and climb along walls much like a spider can. They can fully support their weight on vertical surfaces without growing tired.
Effect: can climb walls

Barb Launch
Though not recommended, a Wasp may detach their stinger by launching it or breaking it off within their prey. If this occurs and the stinger is in the preys body after being removed from the Wasp, it amplified the poison’s effect.
Effect: launched stinger damage is Fierce, +Poison x2 multiplier, launch range = 10 ft per level

Leech Tainting

Leech Xformation
The effects of the Leech Xfraformation isn't as radical as other taintings. With this transformation, the user's mouth becomes more circular with their teeth following the mouth's curve. Their teeth become razor-sharp, able to stick into and onto foes, and their saliva secretes a endorphin that numbs any pain that would be caused by the bite. Iff the user does not already have claws, they gain small ones for similar purposes as their teeth.
Effect: +stun when latched to a target.

Leech Life
When biting prey, a Leech may lock their jaws onto the target, draining their blood turn by turn. This restores an equal amount of health and stamina to the leech as 1/2 of the health that was drained from the target. The grip of the bite depends on the user's attribute strength.
Effect: drain strength is Strong

Slippery (Passive)
It is possible for someone with the Leech taint to take on a thin film or goo. This will make them slippery and somewhat slimy, and also make it harder to get a hold of them than normal creatures. This helps them in getting out of grappling situations and weakens physical attacks on their bodies.
Effect: reduces non weapon melee attacks in dmg 5% per level, tangible bind breaking = Strength attribute +1

Knockout Venom (Passive)
Those tainted with this ability gradually put their prey to sleep. This can be performed while the leech is using Leech Life. Those already asleep stay asleep as though they felt nothing. The number of turns it needs to be held to put someone to sleep decreases +1 per level.
Effect: +sleep after 6 posts

This physically alters the body of someone tainted allowing them to temporarily flatten their body or parts of their body. This lets them to fit into unusually tight places in times of need.
Effect: able to flatten vertical or horizontal mass 15% per level

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Approved Taintings
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