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 Money makes the world go 'round

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Money makes the world go 'round Empty
PostSubject: Money makes the world go 'round   Money makes the world go 'round EmptyThu Apr 01, 2010 7:45 pm

Money makes the world go 'round Sample-caa35cca4b82cc0b0df381107-1
School payment had gone in to her account on the 31st and the bank account had been over drawn on the 1st of next month. She had spent over 1000$ in less than 24 hours. And, if that wasn't enough, she had overdrawn her card, making the total sum to 2379$.
«What do you mean with 'Overdrawn'?» she said to the shopkeeper, which stood across the desk, holding her card. «Miss, you cant afford this, neither can you afford anything else until you have payed what you owe the bank» The shopkeeper replied in a soft calm voice, trying to bring the young teenager closer down to earth.
«Oh god! Dad is going to kill me» heavy breathing soon followed with tears, «I've spent all my money, how am i supposed to get out of this?» she asked as she sat down on one of the chairs that stood behind her. People around the shop gave her looks as she started to sob, searching through her purse for her cellphone. «Maybe mom can transfer some money» she said to herself as she brought the phone up to her ear.
Three short rings were made without an answer before the voicemail activated. «Damn, why cant she for once take the phone when i need her?» she said as she put it back into her purse, giving the cashier a unsure look. «How much do i owe?» she asked her, hoping to get a fairly small sum. «You owe, 1379$» The girls head fell into her palms as she bent forwards, «How on earth am i supposed to get that much money?» she said in a loud voice, praying for a miracle to happen so she could get out of the store without being escorted by a officer.

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PostSubject: Re: Money makes the world go 'round   Money makes the world go 'round EmptyMon Apr 05, 2010 9:40 pm

Money makes the world go 'round New-Nagi-TB-1
East City may have not been the most luxurious place around. It was more set for middle class people, with a decent job. But to Nagi, it was more than he had ever been around. Here, the streets were clean, the cars were nicer. He didn't see dealer and pimps standing on the same corners. Police drove by without their sirens on and it was just overall a better place. A place that Nagi didn't fit in all to well. Why was he here then? Cause his new career had brought him here. His manager had felt it was better to move locations, to get a better fan base. Not like Nagi had many fans. He had only been a singer for 2 months. Hardly enough time to get famous. But he had money in his pocket and fresh clothes, so he couldn't complain. Something else he noticed was that the stores didnt have bars on them, and this made him realize the most that he was outta place. He walked into one particular store, to take a look around. Upon entering he say a girl near the register on the verge of tears. She was his age and not bad looking. Reminded him a bit of Kyouko. He walked up to the counter and asked. "Hey whats wrong?" He was rather blunt but then again he had never been one for smooth talk.

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Money makes the world go 'round
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