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 How to: “Submitting a Path Checkpoint”

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PostSubject: How to: “Submitting a Path Checkpoint”   Fri Apr 02, 2010 11:28 am

How to: “Submitting a Path Checkpoint”

Life Paths, life categories and paths are all the same thing. These are not mandatory. They are optional paths that a person can use to categorize their character. They utilize either PWC or EXP as currency, which is path word count relevant to the topic of the path.

  • Before you start a path, make sure you understand them. Read them fully: http://h2h.site90.com/lifepaths.html
  • You can be a part of as many paths as can be justified, but should be manager/updater approved and added to your bio before actually starting the path.
  • Checkpoints are stages in the path to let you know how far you've come. They also control what stage in your path you are in.
  • Each checkpoint is 25,000 words PLUS at least a week IRL apart (this is from the time you start the path). 
  • You have to have each checkpoint approved before you can continue with your path to assure you're going the right route. I.e. you cannot start putting words into or start on the next checkpoint until the first is approved.

Q: I am ready to claim a portion of my path, checkpoint or reward of my path, how do I do it?

1: Make sure you meet the requirements to get the reward.

2: Post on the Admin Review Board for the reward and include
.....A) A summary of your path so far
.....B) Your overall PWC
.....C) A summary of what you've done to justifying reaping the reward or path checkpoint

3: Shin will post either accepting or denying the request.

4: If accepted, post the acceptance on an update board along with the link to the page where Shin accepted the request.

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How to: “Submitting a Path Checkpoint”
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