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 Lone wolf song

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PostSubject: Lone wolf song   Thu Apr 08, 2010 12:19 am

The audience was a bit restless. They had been sitting for a while now waiting on the entertainment for the night. This was a simple night club, nothing super extravagant. But regardless they came to drink, have fun and listen to music. The type of audience was more of the rocker crowd. But of course there was other types in there was well seeing as music transcended race or gender. With calm steps the band walked onto the stage and took up their instruments. Then right after them, Nagi walked upon the stage. Hand claps came from the people as they began to listen to the music they had been waiting for. Nagi turned to the drummer, and nodded. The man nodded back and banged his sticks together in a rhythm. Nagi tapped his feet to the beat, already knowing what song was first. Then at the first bang of the stick on the drum the band went into the song. Nagi let the intro run for a few moments until the beginning beat came around again. He then let out a long, note that sounded similar to a wolf's howl. This was his trademark note. For its realism it had caught on very quickly. He then cut it and went into the lyrics of the song. It was fast paced, and the crowd reacted by starting to dance. The performance continued for the better part of an hour. Once done Nagi raised his fist, and the crowd went crazy. He and then band then exited, to the sounds of applause.

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Lone wolf song
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