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 How to: "Reincarnation"

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PostSubject: How to: "Reincarnation"   Sat Apr 10, 2010 6:42 pm

How to: "Reincarnation"

Q: How do you navigate the death/reincarnation process?

Step 1. Die.

Step 2. Update death thread and all other outstanding threads.

Step 3. Calculate total EXP and TEXP for all techniques and racial quests.

Step 4. Post the new bio (updated one if using the same character) and update for it to be added to the bio board along with the reincarnation calculation totals and your request for the first day of 10% EXP and TEXP gains.

Steps 5-13. Post each day for 10% more to be added and for any technique purchases.

Step 14. Enjoy your reincarnated character... Try to stay alive this time.

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How to: "Reincarnation"
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