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 Quest Suggestion Discussion

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PostSubject: Re: Quest Suggestion Discussion   Sun Apr 11, 2010 5:24 pm

DarkKnightCecil wrote:
By training with your weapon of choice it you have imparted your will into it, allowing the weapon the ability to speak to you telepathically or verbally to you and all around you. Some sentient weapons of legend have had unique properties to them that can be passed on to the user.
Reward: Sentience and 1 ability(Approval required)
Wouldn't this make more sense as a suggestion for a set of weapons that could be sold in one of the special shops or as an extension of spirit blacksmith?

Q2- Is this applicable on weapons already possessing special qualities like say a blessed or cursed weapon like Goranova or Devil's Teardrop? I would think that if they are already special then someone's will or ability has already been passed onto them and you would need to overpower that will in order to imbue yours.

Q3- By recurring, you mean it would be open to anyone so long as they have weapons or recurring meaning that you could request to imbue multiple abilities onto a single weapon?

Q4- If a weapon becomes sentient, it starts to develop its own personality (ask anyone who has played D&D with a "Loki-style" DM) and they can become jealous, envious, upset, or prideful and choose not to work properly... do you have an idea as to how to address that?

Pretty much, is this just a way to make your currently strong weapons stronger with a "free" custom attached to them? The sentient part is pretty cool to me, but the bonus ability raises questions as you can see.
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PostSubject: Re: Quest Suggestion Discussion   Sun Apr 11, 2010 5:39 pm

In order:

As an extention of the Spirit Blacksmith thing would be neat. But to restrict it to those that have taken that path would be pretty bad.

Yes. Goranova would be able to achieve sentience but the special ability already exists as part of it. The Devil's teardrop would gain the ability to speak to people outside of itself but it already is bound to Adrian's soul, thus giving it the ability to teleport to him.

Recurring in that it can be done by anyone like the Critter Master quest. You can do multiple quests for the same weapon. However if say someone were to take Goranova and do the quest, yes she would gain full sentience, but you would find yourself having to choose between the constant bless ability or something else. And even then the ability has to be approved.

D&D. Yes I've played it. Yes I know they can become jealous. But even though the weapon is sentient the quest specifies that you have placed part of YOUR will into it. One might take this to mean that the weapon will only work for the user that helped it achieve sentience. Unless someone say, steals the weapon, performs the quest, and thus overpowers the will of the previous user.

But no, I would not be putting something up that gives multiple abilities that stack. But it's a way to help people give their weapons special qualities. But I would imagine that a weapon that achieves sentience, and an ability would be much weaker in said ability, than a weapon crafted by a Spirit Blacksmith. But that's just me.
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Quest Suggestion Discussion
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