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 Discovery and Revenge

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Discovery and Revenge Empty
PostSubject: Discovery and Revenge   Discovery and Revenge EmptyThu Apr 29, 2010 10:07 pm

The vaspire form of Iori Souji, known as Krory, sat in his midnight blue four door sedan as the car drove him back to Souji's home. The car pulled into the lot beside his apartment building and parked into its designated spot. Krory stepped out of the car and walked to the front of the building's front door. He stepped inside and looked around to make sure no one was around. His form seemed to dissipated and be replaced by the normal Iori Souji. This had been the routine ever since he had become a vaspire. As he walked up a flight of stairs and onto his apartment's floor, he noticed something odd. His front door was wide open and seemed to have been broken in a few placed, "Krory, your up." Souji spoke quietly as his form dissipated once again back into the pale form of Krory. The vaspire moved with grace into the apartment, which was completely destroyed. Most of the valuables from the house were stole, but that was nothing compared to the sight he say when he rushed into Souji's sister's room. In the room lay a girl, no older than 16. Krory moved close to and examined to body, seeing that there were multiple strike with some kind of instrument to the head. He looked around for any signs of clue. In his sister's mirror, was, written in black marker, the initial KA. Krory looked at himself in the mirror and the reflection he saw was that of a furious Souji, "That bastard. It must have been Ken Amada getting revenge for what we did to him and his cronies." The voice was that of Souji's, but it was filled with rage. The calm and relaxed voice of Krory followed, " Relax, Souji. He won't get away with this. We'll make him pay, you can be sure of that. I have a few tricks I've yet to use, sounds like a good victim for it." These words of reassurance didn't help Souji at all, "That won't bring her back, Krory." But just then he began to consider what his options were, "Go, make them pay."

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Discovery and Revenge
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