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 -Famous for Normal-

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PostSubject: -Famous for Normal-   Mon May 03, 2010 9:56 am

It was a bright sunshiny day in the city. Birds sang and chirped and of course the people around town were off doing what they did best in the middle of the week. They were working while I was out in the park with the umbrella stroller, my sketch pad, diaper bag, Chou, and of course my bag of art supplies. After my first payday, that was the first thing I had gotten was the art supplies. Of course I had gotten baby clothes and other things for Chou as well, but I still bought my art supplies. I needed this outlet and this was my first day off after a week of work and training. Chou was napping in the stroller with her pink bear. She wore her ‘Mommy’s Princess’ t-shirt. It was white with pink lettering and flowers over it. She had on the cutest jean shorts that I had ever seen. For once I was just wearing a simple pair of tight jean shorts and tight pink shirt that said, “Pretty in Pink”. My brown hair was clipped up with two pink berets to keep it falling down my back and not into my eyes. It was cute family scene we made.

I sat on a bench and unzipped the art bag and pulled out the sketchbook. It was brand new and had that smell of new parchment when I opened the top cardboard sheet. Pristine white pages met my roving eyes and I smiled. I always loved drawing in a brand new art book. It made me giddy as I brought out the chalk and charcoal. This was always so much fun, I could unwind doing this all day. I glanced around for something to be my model. There was so much activity going on at the park that it was hard to pick just one model. Then it hit me. There was a mother pushing her son on a swing and it gave me a wonderful idea.

My fingers grasped the black charcoal medium and I began to pull it along the overly large page of thick paper. Scratching noises could be heard as I began to sketch the lines starting from top to bottom. Stopping to look up at the mother pushing her son. I believed I would call this sketchpad, City life. That would be my latest string of work. I would sketch them and then put them to the canvas later. Just different things in the city that showed normal people doing normal things. Again I stopped to smear the lines and smooth them to get a shadow effect. Happiness filled the woman’s eyes but there was a firm line under her jaw. Perhaps she was out of a job, or her husband. There was a wedding ring on her hand so maybe it was trouble in paradise. Her clothing was brand name but last year. So maybe they had fallen on a rough spot in their life. But she was braving it and having a good time with her son. The boy was around six years old with a bright and happy smile that spoke that if there hard times in the family, then he didn’t know about them. Somehow, through my innate talent perhaps, I was able to capture the motion of the swing in their actions and faces. In their bodies there was a tension as the mother held onto the chains of the swings, both leaning forward as if caught just at the moment of time right before she would release. Two fingers had already come off the chain and her son was leaning forward. It was as if you could feel the action about to happen. I smiled as I looked at my work. This would be wonderful to put on canvas.

I began to work on the background. The other swings with kids in different positions of rising and falling. The trees over head with a few leaves falling down and the branches bent like a gentle breeze was blowing threw them in the same direction of the boy about to swing. It gave it more of a movement effect in that direction. The fence around the park was there as well as my bench in the foreground. On the bench I even had the back of my head with the stroller sitting there. The girl bent over a notepad. I seemed to do that at times. I would just put myself in the picture like a where’s waldo kind of thing. Put it gave the image of the mother and son being caught in time. I loved my work. Finally when I had finished the image, I blew gently on the page to scatter the charcoal pieces that had broken off like pencil lead. My eyes glanced back to the mother and son and then to the picture. It was finished, now I just had to put it onto canvas with the paints back at the apartment. It would be a wonderful work of art. Gently I closed the cardboard covering and placed it back into the art bag along with the charcoal and chalk mediums. Standing, I glance around and take a hold of the stroller. I was slowly coming a long way down a hard road to fame. I wanted to be known for all of my artistic talents, my acting, my singing, and of course my art work. But it would take a lot of time and I wasn’t sure how I would find that time with a baby and two jobs. Well I had yet to find my second job. But I would. I knew that I would. I needed to find a few more subjects to draw before my day was up. So that I could work on filling that sketch pad. Once it was filled, I would start putting them onto the canvas.

And so I began to walk along the sidewalk around the inside of the park until I came to the gate. Pushing it open I exit and decided to take a long stroll around town to find a few more subjects of my art. It shouldn’t be hard. Perhaps I should start in metro. But first, it was getting time for a snack. Since I was so close, I figured that I could just stop into the Ramen Booth for a quick snack before continuing our journey around town. Maybe I could find someone in there to draw just being normal. It was these normal everyday people that never got any fame. So I would help them out and make them famous for just being normal. Like the mother in the park. If I made it big, people would always wonder what was wrong to leave those firm lines around her mouth, to give her those shadows under her expressive eyes. They would always look at it and wonder if it was marriage, money, or something else entirely. I was just that talented.

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PostSubject: Re: -Famous for Normal-   Fri May 07, 2010 11:00 pm

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-Famous for Normal-
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