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 Kali Vaishya

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PostSubject: Kali Vaishya   Sat Jun 12, 2010 1:37 pm


character name : Kali Vaishya
» alias/nickname: Merchant of War
» theme song: --
» msn messenger addy: SurrealSpice2@aol.com
Demographics» appearance: Highly attractive and is well aware of it
» sex: Female
» sexual preference: No Preference
» mood | temper: Varies, Best Friend to Worst Enemy in 2.0 seconds.
» family life: No immediate family, scattered uncles, aunts, cousins.
» interests | hobbies: Money, Goods Aquisition Specialist
» member rivals: --
» clubs/organizations: --


residential location: Gypsy/Nomad
visited locations: --

» wins: 0
» losses: 0
» draws: 0
» kills: 0


» job: Merchant
» class: High
» pay: 4,000 Shinny
» pocket funds: Comfortable Resources
» saving funds: $2500
» housing: Wherever she lays her head
» transportation: Whatever makes sense at the time


Race: Human
Type: Succubus/Vaspire
EXP: 0
T-EXP: 0
JC: 0
PWC: 0 (Path)
Health: 160%
Stamina: 160%
Attribute Strength: Weak/Average

» // --
Quest Abilities
» // Spiritual Awareness
Custom Abilities
» // --


» // Sensing (Honed)
» // Defense (Honed)
» // Weapon Melee (Novice)
» // Light (Honed)
» // Succubus (Honed)
» // Vaspire (Mastered)
» // none


Sagas Participated In
» // none
Quests Completed
» // Poaching


SL Equipment:
» // Tora Twine
» // Fighter's Gauntlets II
» // Kakuhan
» // Marukai x2
» // Medic Kit x10
» // Gedokuzai x10
» // Doku x10
» // Kemuribomu x20
RP Equipment:
» // --
» // Various Shop Merchandise
» // Compact Quiver
» // Bolts x2
» // Fire Bolts x2
» // Explosive Bolts x2

History / About Me: Kali grew up the only child of a well to do merchant. She worked successfully as a hostess for a number of years before her father was killed in a bandit raid. She left her position to return home and help her mother keep her father's shop open. When she was working as a hostess she was introduced to the world of espionage and information trading. She was offered decent sums of money for the information she just 'happened' to overhear. This quickly became a lucrative side business for Kali, and continued even after she returned to her home village after her father's death. Taking the traveling cart of goods to various villages or ports in the realm became her cover for these information gathering or item procurement missions. While on one of these missions, her home village was attacked by Marcos' demon army. Her mother was killed and the shop was pretty much destroyed. All Kali was left with was the traveling cart and the goods it contained. Rather than try to rebuild the shop in the wasted village, she decides to strike out on her own and depend on her side business to support herself. With her immediate family gone, Kali is only left with scattered aunts and uncles for help. One uncle in particular utilizes her services by having her act as the delivery system for his power brokering lifestyle.
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Kali Vaishya
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