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 .A new weapon and the voice that follows [Weapon Pick up]

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PostSubject: .A new weapon and the voice that follows [Weapon Pick up]   Thu Jun 17, 2010 8:44 pm

A sigh escapes me and I blow a strand of my hair away from my face. I swear if sensei is sending me into the middle of no where I will protest when I get back to the city. I lean back against a tree and peer up into the branches. Apparently sensei ordered me the weapo I wanted as a gift, yet I still have to pay for it. But then he has the connections to get me a good weapon from the forest clan. Or whatever the fuck they are. I ponder what it could be. Jigoku is grumbling and Rei is simply curious much like myself. Lately though. My connection with them is getting rusty. I'll have to train it.

I smile a bit. And now I can without the thought I will worry someone. Jyn must be doing better without me stressing him out. But I do miss his company. I shrug. He's my friend. And from whispers he might have moved on. I flinch at that. I shake my head. No. I will not get jealous. I have no right. He and I broke up mutually due to work. But still.. Maybe I should go and find myself a boyfriend. Its weird living back with Yume again. But I'm use to it. Sorta.

"Mew?" I look down at Ghost as he sits at my feet. After the whole past realm thing the tom cat never leaves me. I don't mind. Jyn calls him a traitor. I snicker a bit. Its cause I have tits. That's why the cat went with me. I reach down and scoop him up into my arms and cuddle him. He's my big baby. He purrs at the attention and I giggle. He's a big fluff ball.. With me and Yume. But anyone else and he turns up his nose like a damn prima donna.

I stiffen as I hear something. I look around. Nothing. I shake off the weird feeling. But then there are demons here. I look forward again and nearly squeal in surprise at the masked shinobi standing there and looking at me. I calm and set Ghost down.

"Shiori desu?" he asks and I nod.

"Hai. Watashi wa, Shiori desu," I answer and hold out an ID for him to read. He nods and holds out a long weaon covered in cloth. I bow my head respectfully and accept it. I gently unwrap it and my breath hitches as the stunning naginata is revealed. Sleek and ebony in color. It is finaly crafted. I step into a clearer place and I hold it in my hands, testing the balance of the weapon. Pleasure fills me and I find it perfectly weighted. Its balance is the kind that can only be crafted with a master's hand. I test it out and I trigger the blade, only to fine that it has one on each end. Shit. THis weapon is like sex to me. I retract the blades, my own blades humming for some reason. I look at the shinobi.

"How much?"

"Thirty-five hundred," he answers and I wince at the price. But fuck is it worth it. I reach into my purse and procure the money. He takes it, bows, then is gone. I blink. Crap he is fast. I look at my new naginata and cuddle it happily. Ghost looks at me with that look that says 'You're an idiot you know.' But I don't care. Sensei was right. I love this. I grin and begin the trek home, Ghost at my heels. Little did I know that I was gaining another soul to tango with.

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.A new weapon and the voice that follows [Weapon Pick up]
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