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 AP Program

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PostSubject: AP Program   Mon Jun 21, 2010 2:26 pm

Promote your site through us!

ShinTheory hosts an RP listing to showcase all of our affiliate friends. You can expect some pretty good RP sites to be on this list. Other RPG Lists are ranked by votes. Ours does not work that way. Ours is ranked on Affiliation Points (AP).

Sites will be given Affiliation Points (AP) for:

1) Counter affiliation:
You put our banner up, we put your banner up.
Points: 100

2) Member Sharing:
If members of your site RP at our site, they can earn AP to help promote your site. Each time one of your members earns TEXP on our site, they will earn 1 AP for your site on the rankings.
Points: Points = each members TEXP x 100

3) Median Affiliation
You get Affiliation Points for sending OTHER sites to affiliate with us. All they have to do is put our button on their site for you to get your points.
Points: 500

More to come...


The top affiliate will be showcased in "Featured Affiliates"
The top 3 will have larger banners placed with a description (up to 500 words) of their site.
All other affiliates will have buttons placed (88 x 31) with a short description (up to 250 words) for their site.

This process is under heavy construction! xD
RPG List site: http://shintheory.site50.net/apaffranking.html

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AP Program
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