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 The Call (Intro) - Item Acquisition

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PostSubject: The Call (Intro) - Item Acquisition   Sun Mar 01, 2009 3:06 am

My eyes open. It’s gingerly at first, but with the flickering of my lids, the world begins to slowly fade into clarity from fuzziness. My body shifts lightly in the cotton sheets and covers that embrace it. With a soft groan, my hand rises up to my face, brushing away strands of my hair from my face and wiping said visage. Eventually, I lean up in the bed and look around my room; it was morning already. A bit of light filters in through the slotted blinds that cover the windows that overlook much of the eastern city from Gothstone. The room resembles almost any bachelor’s pad. The theme is black. There was a large queen size futon bed with dark sheets and covers and a elevated cherry oak frame; there was a matching dresser in front of said bed with a large black older model television situated in front of it as well as the various other necessities a bedroom would have. Unlike most bachelor pads, the room was remarkably clean, almost as if it was just decorated and had not yet been used. With a sigh, I look to the side where the cherry oak wooden side table rests adjacent to the bed. The alarm clock on the nightstand read 8:48 a.m. and switches to 8:49. My body shifts, bringing my feet to the ground and I stand up, rising out of the bed. Turning, I lean over the bed and immediately make it, setting the pillows in place and straightening back out the covers before I make my way towards the bathroom to get ready for the day.

After a warm shower and various morning tasks, such as the washing of the face, the brushing of teeth and hair, etc, I dress myself in a pair of black slacks and a tee shirt and socks and then make my way into the living room of the mid sized two-bedroom apartment. I didn’t necessarily need two bedrooms, but the price was close to the same as the one bedroom and I liked space. The living room held a black couch that hugged parallel to the back wall, then in front of that was a glass coffee table with a black metallic frame and before that against the frontal wall nearest the entry door was the black wooden entertainment system that held a similar TV as the bedroom. Normal TV’s like those were considered ancient in these days, and almost obsolete, but they were cheap. For a frugal apartment, it looked nice mostly because it was so clean.

Walking through the living room, I give the verbal command for the television to cut on as I make my way to the kitchen. After a short pause, the television screen illuminates and the morning news could be heard as I make it to the refrigerator and open it with my back to the living room.

A feminine voice continues, “…also in recent news today, in what is believed to be an ongoing investigation, several men were found dead in what authorities believe to be a gang-related stabbing. The man suffered multiple contusions at the hands of an unknown killer. Citizens near the lower commons are warned to be careful, and if you have any information, call the station or your local authorities… wow, it’s really getting tough out there, isn’t it, Bob.” A male voice picks up, ”that’s right Susan, those gangs in that area sure are vicious... “ “They sure are, Bob.” “Thank you for that, Susan. The time is now ten o’clock on the dot. On a much brighter note, the weather will be…”

A half bar separates the kitchen from the living room with the sink built into the portion facing the kitchen. A frown forms on my face as I halfway listen to the news while fixing a bowl of breakfast cereal and carry it into the living room. My eyes are on the screen while I hold the bowl in one hand and eat from a spoon with the other as I make my way to the couch. Suddenly, a small circle pulses in the upper right hand corner of the screen with the words “incoming call” beneath them. “Answer,” I call out in a calm tone as I sit on the couch and continue to eat. A male voice cheerfully welcomes, “good morning, sexy!” There is an eye twitch as my gaze is down in my cereal. That was never a great thing to hear from another rman. I comment, “I’m sorry, you’ve reached a bad number. I will disconnect now.” The male voice protests, “stop playing, Jyn, You know you love me!” Looking up, I am able to see the jovial male whose visage takes up the upper right hand corner of my television screen in a PIP-like manner. He is all smiles, with low cut black hair and dark brown skin in a tank top; someone way too cheerful for the morning. Come to think of it, I was surprised that he was up. “Good morning, Tre,” I answer back, before attending to my cereal. “Damn right it’s good,” he returns back, “you see the news though? Shit’s crazy out there son! Say… dog… let’s go get some hoes tonight. Me, Lil Knock Knock, Jr, and Prettyboy are going to this new joint, you should bring your square ass on. Get you some cutty.” I wasn’t sure what “cutty” was, but I was certain it wasn’t clean. “I’ll pass. You have too much free time. What about work?” I decline and inquire. He frowns, “man, you coming. This IS work. We got some business to handle tonight, so we’re going to take care of it while we get our groove on.” I ask, “I’m not sure if Victor will like that.” Tre leans back a bit and contorts his face while holding the note, “maaaaaaaaan~” then leans forwards, “FUCK Victor! I run this shit. Yeah… we’re peddling drugs for him right now, but watch when I take this bitch over. I’m going to have mad bitches. I’m going to have so many bitches, they’re going to call me bitches!” “Is that good?” I ask. Ignoring me, he continue, “and I’m gonna take Victor’s chick too! Watch me. You can be my right hand man, since we’ve both coming up. I’ll call you Nyquil, son! Every boss needs a calm ass pale skinned antisocial guy in the entourage.” “I’m not antisocial,” I protest calmly, but am further ignored. “But that’s for later. See, I knew it was a good idea to keep you along. You stay FOCUSED, son! See, I can’t be thinking all the time, so that’s why I have you around. But yo, tonight we’re going to get this money, so you’re in by default, just in case something goes down… we need all the backup we can get, but your soft ass can be the look out, feel me?”

Tre was an interesting character. In all reality, I was using him for my own means, and thus far, things weren’t going too badly. He was in with the local street syndicates of the Lower Commons, a normal grunt thinking that he could work his way to the top in the same endless cycle as the rest of the street urchins. I went to high school with him, eons ago, so he was a good starting place for what I wanted to do. I needed to learn about the syndicates of the streets before I could attempt to take them down from the inside, so for now, I was simply going with the flow of things, though I did not much care for walking into situations where misunderstandings could easily occur, but thus far it had been my experience that was a common occurrence regardless.

“…you get that piece I sent you?” he asks. I give him a blank look. “Son, it’s right in front of your door!” he clarifies. “Huh?” I murmur as I stand up, placing the cereal on the glass coffee table. “Ole clean ass house…” he continues to ramble in the back ground, “dog, are you a man or a woman? Who cleans their shit like that…? You on some bed, bath and beyond type shit, ole home decorating, wall painting, pastel color using ass.” During his ranting, I make it to the door and open it inwards. Looking down, I see a brown box, not taped shut, which I pick up and open revealing a generic pistol. My eyes widen and I quickly close the door. “You are inane…” I frown looking at the gun as I stand by the now closed door, now holding it in my right hand. “Yeah…” drags out in a tone of approval with several nods in a grinning manner, “you like that, don’t you, son?” “Right outside my door like that…” I complain in a murmur before I blink, then look though the box, “wait… where the ammunition?…” He continues, “all right then, my dude. I’m going to hit you up later. Be ready to roll around 9.” I request, “but the bullets?…” He continues, “and try to look fly too, because I’m going to be fresh to death, son!… hell, you’ll probably be on some Armani Exchange shit anyways…” I clear my throat, “a gun with no ammo here... I’m still defenseless.” He concludes, “aite then, holla!” His screen disappears and the time length of the call flickers before the screen returns to the news, which is currently on a commercial. I stand there holding the weapon in my hand and I give a soft sigh. “I have a headache… maybe there’s someone else to go through in order to get into this group…” I murmur discouraged. But with a slight nod of approval I do admit, “nice gun.” I would have to get the bullets for it myself, just in case, but it was still better than nothing. With that out of the way, there was the rest of the day ahead of me. I suppose now it was time to get moving. 1685

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PostSubject: Re: The Call (Intro) - Item Acquisition   Mon Mar 02, 2009 12:40 pm

wow... freal homie? xD i got u
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The Call (Intro) - Item Acquisition
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