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 Becoming a Myth

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PostSubject: Becoming a Myth   Thu Jul 15, 2010 10:35 pm

The stuff they talk about in legend, the thing that is seen to be nothing more than a myth. Well it is only to those that haven't seen it before. The Gorgyn, a strange and terrifying creature that kept in secret ever since it's creation. Though exactly how did such a creature get known out in the world if it was to be kept a secret, well a particular group of people have been searching out for new species of the other world and had come across the thing purely upon accident. Though not many had survived the encounter, but those that did managed to return back to their homeland and from there the word had been spread about the Gorgyn. Such a thing had fallen upon the Overwatchers to keep a track of, figuring by now that the creature was extremely dangerous and just couldn't be killed, but it was kept imprisoned on a lonely uncharted island somewhere in The Great Sea.

This tale that we enter now is something like no other, it's a story not of joy, not of happiness, but of pain and sorrow. This story is a story of how one lost their humanity and received a curse. This story starts with a girl, but no not a regular girl a girl with a great responsibility. The last of the Hiramoto clan, well of the true blood Hiramoto clan direct descendant of the one who started the clan in the first place.

Starting out within the ruin's of the Hiramoto compound. She stood there taking a break from cleaning, sweat dripping from her figure as she sighed to herself and sat down upon a stone bench. She looked around the place with such a lonesome gaze as if desiring for someone to keep her company here, but not just anyone, family of old. Those that had been long gone. "What a thing to hope for..." She whispered to herself.

Time would pass as she would go from cleaning to taking a break back to cleaning to taking a break. This cycle did not break until mid day, which something strange had occur. A voice a whisper, something that floated amongst the breeze. She was oddly drawn to this noise and followed it the broom she held falling to the floor as she released it. Her gaze almost like a trance as she would follow it into a secret room. A room she didn't even know what here until now.

Within this room the second she entered it she could tell it was quite ancient, amongst the wall were ancient scriptures and old carvings. The strangeness of these carving's foretelling a story of old talking about a creature that could turn another to stone at least that's what she figured. "Is this talking about the Gorgyn?" she whispered to herself. A rattling noise could be heard and then chain's moving.

Leading her footstep's she found out finally what it was that was making that noise. "No it couldn't be!" Within the center of a room, who's flooring crawled with runic symbol's that glowed faintly, gazing at these symbols. "A binding?" she whispered watching this creature from afar.

"who's there" it hissed out, this creature of myth and legend. A true Gorgyn. Eye's covered with a blindfold, soon after it spoke it coughed. Izumi would arch a brow and turn her head slightly as if to turn away. The Gorgyn spoke. "I can smell you, speak up."

Izumi looked back toward's this blindfolded myth. "I am the last of the Hiramoto members, Izumi Hiramoto." The Gorgyn gasped. "Child bearing the title of Hiramoto, but only those of direct descendant can carry such a thing. What are you doing here, you must leave!" The Gorgyn spoke in a rushed manner.

This thing spoke in such a rushed manner that it caught onto Izumi's interest as to why it spoke as such. "Why? This is my compound, why should I leave?" The Gorgyn would only respond with a chuckle. "Guess you've never been told." The Gorgyn began to unveil a bit of information that Izumi had never heard of. "W-w-what?!" Izumi uttered in surprise as she took a couple step's back. "This binding here was designed to keep me here never to be unleashed until a certain time to which it would transport me to a place to which I can no longer return. The Isle of Gorgyn."

Izumi pressed her back against the wall in somewhat a disbelief about what was said. "Y-you turned into one?" she asked as if to reaffirm. The Gorgyn nodded her head. Izumi merely sighed. "So it's gonna happen to me?"

The Gorgyn shrugged her shoulders. "Who know's for certain, I just hope that our contact has not activated those internal genes of yours." Izumi merely listened and gazed toward's her feet a bit in shock about this. "I don't get how it's even possible." Her mental state of shock merely didn't allow for her to think about it properly.

A sigh came from the Gorgyn. "If I remember from what I have been told, it was a curse that spiritually tainted our ancestor long ago. Not something simple like what's throw about now a days, but a true curse one that hold's it's own for ages to come possibly never breaking."

Izumi leaned her head back. "I didn't even know that was even possible." The Gorgyn gave a soft chuckle. "Neither did I until it happened to me. It's a rarity though it doesn't happen all the time, it's almost like it occur's only every other generation like a birth defect."

Izumi merely stood up as she sighed. "I guess, I should get out of here then before anything tragic happens."

The Gorgyn nodded her head. "It would be best." Izumi would stand up and look toward's the Gorgyn. "I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry." The Gorgyn shook her head and responded. "It's not your fault... though thank you." Izumi turned away and began to walk off leaving the Gorgyn to her fate. Izumi left the room and began to walk around as she glanced to her hand and sighed.

As she was heading out the place there was a loud noise like a whirring sound as she glanced back and stared down seeing the blue lights and and then suddenly no lights. She wandered away from this place and she would sit down upon a bench there and thought about the recent happenings. Was such a fate to happen to her? What would happen to her life then? Her career? Her love? She suddenly began to feel this panging pain in her body, almost as if it were tearing from within her very essence, her very soul. She would begin to convulse and fall off the bench and onto the floor in severe pain as something within her felt like it had been unlocked and it was changing her. There she would lay down upon the floor in screams and pain until she fell quiet into the night.

Word count: 1172
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Becoming a Myth
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