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 How to Get Started on H2H - Character Bio

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PostSubject: How to Get Started on H2H - Character Bio   Mon Aug 02, 2010 10:31 am

How to Get Started on H2H
.: A Beginner's Guide
.: Submitted by Kazakura

This assumes that you've read over the site; the most important parts to read over before beginning is the story (http://h2h.site90.com/story.html) and the breakdown (http://h2h.site90.com/breakdown.html). After reading both of those, you should be halfway done.

This is the basics for filling out a bio:

1. Read the different races and choose one.
-This is a hard step. So many choices but remember you can have more than one character
Human - Normal or Hitorinji (enhanced human)
Spirit - Yokai, Onikonjou (demonic), Kamikonjou (angelic)
Possession I - Consists of a variety possessions
Possession II - Consists of a variety possessions
Tainting - multiple hybrid class additions
Soul Lines - multiple hybrid class additions

2. Basics
-Choose a name, nickname, and of course a theme song (optional)
-Don’t forget to put your messenger so we can contact you, help you out, etc

3. Demographics.
-Here is where you flesh out your character.
-Sex, sexual preference, interests, hobbies, etc.
-Clubs and rivals will come later

4. Travel & Fighting
-Here all you need to do is pick which part of the map you are from.
-Ignore the fighting stuff. It will come in later

Ok. So far so good and easy. Now we get to the harder parts. Don’t worry, you can always ask someone to help. We don’t mind. This part may seem daunting at first but as you will find out, it can go very easy.

5. Lifestyle
-Before filling this out glance over the jobs and make a decision. You don’t have to start off with a job, but it does help you get money.
Odd Jobs
Present Jobs
Past Jobs
-The amount of pay is listed in the job description as well as the class you will be in.
-Pocket and Savings stay at ‘0’
-Housing can be anything from a mansion to a cardboard box. It will come out of your paycheck each time you get paid.
-Transportation can be anything from a simple bike to a sports car. It will come out of your paycheck each time you get paid.

-A Head Started character can choose just about anything that will fit into your story line. Just remember it has to be approved before you can start posting as it.
-A Head Started character gets a portion of their paycheck every time. Never the full amount so you may choose the higher paying jobs without much worry of completing the requirements.

6. Development
-Here is where you put your race and type. Human or spirit and what type of those.
-If you begin as possession, your possession is locked until you complete your possession quest. Same applies to Hitorinjis.
-Affinity is Locked for normal humans, but hitorinjis, possessions, and spirits can start with one.
-EXP, T-EXP, Path WC and JC are all at ‘0’
-Now would be the time to browse the path page, but you don’t have to pick one in order to get started.
-Health and Stamina remain at 100%
-Your attribute strength is listed in the description of your race.
-Head Started Characters Do Not have a path (unless you meet the requirements for Latent Revitalization). If you want a castle and land it has to be approved by Shin.

7. Abilities
-Here is where your quests and transformations go. You don’t need to worry about them for now.
-Head Started Characters need to place their racial quests here. Yes you get them for free.

8. Techniques
-A starting character get ONE and only ONE starting technique from any package. It can cost 2 TXP or less. And it will be at Honed level
-It does not have to be from your affinity. But if it is from your Affinity remember that the TXP cost is cut in half for that package. So a technique that costs 5 TXP and below can be used.
-If the technique package you choose your starting technique from has required techs first, then it must be one of the required techniques.
-Head Started Characters get 1 Full package at Mastered, 3 full packages at Honed, and 1 package at Novice.
-Magic can only be used by possessions, spirits, tainted/soullined, and Hitorinjis. Only Hitorinjis and spirits can access packages from the III page of magic.
-Customs go here and need to be approved by Shin. Also they have to follow the rules set on the Technique page of the main site.
-Head started Characters, you get one and it has to be approved by Shin as well

9. Participation
-No need to worry about this at the moment.

10. Inventory
-Head Started Characters place any possession, weapons, buildings, etc here.
-Normal Characters leave this blank

11. History
-Tell us all about your character’s past. Why are they bi or why do you have all this wealth.
-Head Started Characters, this is very important. Tell us how you got to where you are and how you fit in with the overall site. Do you own a club? Do you have a one hit wonder band? Are you the greatest Athlete in the city? This is why you don’t need a path as a Head Started Character. This is what will be approved by Shin.

All Finished?
Ok so now you are done with your character. Post it in the New Character board and if it is Head started post a link on Shin’s Approval Board. And now you are ready to play. But you don’t know anyone on the site? That is alright. You can always ask one of the NPC Coordinators to help you out. They are very nice People. Just post a request on their request board and they can help you out. Or if you are feeling adventurous, start or hop into an OPEN thread.

We are glad to have you with us.

"One man must not block another man's cock; he must guide it." - Kiun
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How to Get Started on H2H - Character Bio
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