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 His right to buy arms

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PostSubject: His right to buy arms   Tue Aug 17, 2010 12:27 am

The sound of a jingle and a voice woke the demon from its nap. "Yo," A voice called, drawing the oni's attention upward to a red-headed customer. He snorted and sat upright, not usually caught snoozing on his job. Next to him on the counter he noticed a large bag of coins. "That should be enough for this, right?" The other demon asked and snickered, knowing very well the price on the items he carried. Flipping a silver hilt over in his hand as he turned towards the door, the tip of Caladbolg came to tap against a Demonbone Breastplate strapped over his chest. In his other hand, a pair of fingers twirled an Unholy Gun through its trigger hole. A sack was at his side, but he was out the door before the shop keeper fully reacted from his daze. Instead, he layed his head back down on the desk and drew the sack of coins into his lap.

+ Unholy Gun (5,000)
+ Caladbolg (4,000)
+ Demonbone Breastplate (4,000)
+ Ambrosia x10 (1,000)
+ Vial of Curse x5 (250)
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His right to buy arms
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