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 Gift for the Master [Flashback]

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PostSubject: Gift for the Master [Flashback]   Gift for the Master [Flashback] EmptyFri Sep 17, 2010 7:59 pm

The Treasurer of Mandira, Settozai, returns from Tara Mura after finalizing all of the negotiations for a major trade shipment of ambrosia infused elixirs, herbs, salves, and foods. The negotiations took longer than originally anticipated, but they all worked out for both sides. As the ship nears the coast by the outpost, Settozai and his protege, Sikke, are running around the ship making sure that all of the goods are still secure. Sikke is currently checking on a personal gift from a member of the Tara Mura Trade Council, a singing bird. My oh my, this realm is full of interesting creatures. Settozai has suspicions that the bird is actually a spirit, but he has yet to be able to confirm it.

Sikke feeds the bird and pets her gently. Sikke talks to the bird for a while figuring that it is safe to tell a bird her ideas about different things. It is obvious that Sikke cares deeply about her teacher and wants to impress him with her ability. Sikke, being a normal human, does not notice anything strange about the dark feathered bird. To her, it is simply a beautiful bird.

The Treasurer's return is awaited back at the Outpost. The outpost is in a state of mild chaos as we are preparing to finish my campaign to unify the island. Sanzon is out and about doing his own thing, so I am getting the troops ready. Opening this new wave of trade with Tara Mura will cover the cost of the campaign and give me the funds that I need in order to accelerate the production of houses for my people. The temporary housing is subpar for what I want for them, but it is what they must deal with. With the unification will also come more land and territory to move them around more.

They arrive at the Outpost HQ where I am settling disputes and judicial matters. Sikke is carrying the bird cage into the Audience Chamber. Timing could have been a little better since the person brought before me at that moment was condemned to be tortured and executed for spying for Wurin against me. I sit atop my "throne" which is really a large chair with drapings put over it. It worked for me for now. My voice speaks, "What news, Settozai?" He walks forward and smiles telling me that all arrangements have been taken care of and the shipment is set to be delivered in a week and I will personally deliver them. I have also secured a shop in Tara Mura for our merchants to operate from. We will leave security there to watch after the shop. Oh and there is a gift for you, my lord from the Trade Council of Tara Mura." I look up at him and raise my eyebrow at him. Sikke steps forward with the bird cage and shows it to me. I look at the bird then at Settozai. "The bird sings, my lord, and sings with such a beautiful voice that you cannot help but to listen and enjoy it." I look at the bird and motion for him to get the bird to start singing. Settozai looks at the nightingale and tells it to sing.

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PostSubject: Re: Gift for the Master [Flashback]   Gift for the Master [Flashback] EmptyFri Sep 17, 2010 8:55 pm

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