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 Item Aquisition

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PostSubject: Item Aquisition   Sun Mar 01, 2009 6:08 pm

Adrian frowned, staring at the picture he'd taken with his grandmother a few days before she died. That day forever haunted his memory. There were no signs at all, let alone anything she might have said. He stared at the picture before tossing it on his bed. He grabbed his keys before he left his apartment. He slid his favorite coat on and made his way to his bike. Climbing on he kicked it into gear before driving off.

He knew full well that there were spirits watching him as he went. He could see them clear as day. He made his way to the storage garage his grandmother had left him in her will. He made his way to the garage and opened it up. Reaching out he flicked a switch light flooding the storage garage. There were several boxes, all piled up against the walls.

"Well I guess there's no other choice but to get through with this. Let's see what grandma wanted me to have." he said, as he grabbed the nearest box.

Opening it he began going through the contents. This particular box was full of big leather bound books. He had seen them before, his grandmother's 'encyclopedia' of demons and spirits. He had never believed them to be real. Anyone reading them would have thought she was insane or writing for video games, movies, or maybe even science fiction. But that was only if they couldn't see spirits. He knew full well his grandmother had been able to see them and had passed that on to him.

He put the box aside, before opening another one. Box after box he found newspaper clipings, a set of dishes, even some of his old clothes. The things in this storage garage were mostly items from his childhood, things he had owned, or had grown up with. As he moved the last box in a pile he saw the dark metal gleaming in the corner. He set the box down and glanced around. There were two more piles blocking him from getting to it. Immediately he began taking the piles down, ignoring the cobwebs and spiders that scurried away from him.

He saw the sword laying there against the wall the hilt set on a beautiful oak stand that was obviously meant to be mounted on a wall. He slid the last of the boxes away and picked it up. He was used to fighting with a sword, having joined friends in mideval games. Bushido wasn't his thing but the broadsword he now held in his hands was perfect. He moved it slowly, weaving it back and forth, the grip somehow perfect in his hand. He spun it lightly before he stepped back.

He looked along it, the blade made of dark metal. The hilt was a T with a crimson gleam to it. The grip was covered in red wrappings, and at the bottom was a snake's mouth open, fangs and everything. But within it was a small blue orb. He looked the orb over, trying to identify what it was made of but not sure.

"What the hell is this? Why did grandma have this?" he wondered out loud.

He looked around and found the black sheath that went with the weapon. Sliding the bastard into the sheath he set it against his bike, before putting the wall mount on the seat. He moved back to the boxes, looking through more of them, finding a few other things he remembered, even a small crystal cat his grandmother said his mother had found. Adrian smiled as he sat on the ground, looking at a picture he'd found of his family. It was a picture of himself, his mother, father, and his sister.

No matter how much he tried, he could never remember his sister. It wasn't uncommon for people to not consciously remember their early years, it was something that had troubled. His grandmother had always told him about his parents but nothing had ever conjured a mental picture of them. And what confused him the most was that his grandmother never had a single picture in her home. At least none of the rest of the family. There were pictures of him all over the place and a man he assumed to be his grandfather. But when he saw this picture something inside him told him it was his family.

With a sigh he moved the boxes back into place, with exception of a few of his grandmothers books, pictures, and the sword. He strapped the sword to him, keeping it under the long coat her wore. He climbed on the bike and took off, heading back home. He'd have to come back with a truck to get it all moved back to his place.

"Why was there a sword there?" he wondered. "And why am I able to see spirits? I just don't understand grandma. I need guidance."

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PostSubject: Re: Item Aquisition   Mon Mar 02, 2009 3:05 am

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Item Aquisition
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