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 Please Teacher

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PostSubject: Please Teacher   Please Teacher EmptyMon Oct 11, 2010 7:29 am

Please Teacher RockStar3

~Please Teacher~
East City
The sound of the alarm goes off. In my sleepy haze my arms comes out from under the cover and my hand slaps at it a few times before to turn it off before my arm falls to the side of the bed with my fingers touching the floor...
My fingers twitch as I feel Kuu licking them, Rei walks but my bedroom door in just a yellow T-shirt and white and blue stripped paints as she is brushing her teeth and stops to looks inside. She pulls the tooth brush out of her mouth, "Hmm Senpai... Why are you still here?" The tooth brush returns to her mouth after asking the question. I wine as I shift under the covers, "I'm sleeping what does it look like I'm doing Rei?" The tooth bush is pulled out once again. "You know it is Monday right? Don't you start your student teaching today?" My eyes open up wide before I throw the covers off me and jump out of bed. "Oh shit!" Running out of the room, I stop and steel Rei's tooth brush as I run by her and start brushing my teeth as I side down the hall way to get my business skirt. Rei stands there in a daze as I vanish into the bathroom. I quickly get my cloths on and rinse out my mouth before running back to my room, handing the tooth brush back to Rei who is still in her daze thinking Oh no she didn't. I put on my stockings and tall boots before grabbing my bag and bike keys. Leaving the my room I give Rei a kiss on the cheek, "Thanks deer!" Her face turns red at the playing joke. Running out of the apartment, my head hits the railing as I throw myself over from the fourth floor of the apartment building. "Mizuki!" The white haired woman a white and black kimono catches in me in her arms at the bottom. I give her a smile and a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks Mizuki you're a life saver." She smiles as she lets me down and then vanishes.

I run to the parking lot and jumped on my bike, putting the key in and giving it a turn to start it. I turn the gas a few times before pulling clutch and shifting it into gear. The tiers burn as I take off...
On this trip I only run twelve red-lights, drove under three trucks, drove on side walk four times, jump over two cars, and out ran one cop car.

Academic District, Saichushigai High School
I slide into the teacher parking lot. Getting a parking spot, the kick stand comes down and I take off in a full sprint through the gates. Dash through the hallway and up the stairs. I run by two male students who turn their heads as I run by them.

"You see that?"
"Nice ass."
They both nod
"Wonder what year she is."
"She was dressed like a teacher."
"She is really good at running in those heels."
I come to a stop at the classroom door. Putting one hand on the wall the other on my knee as I try to catch my breath for a moment. I'm late after being told not be late. I really hope the principal doesn't find out.

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