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 Diversions from real life

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PostSubject: Diversions from real life   Tue Oct 12, 2010 2:16 am

He had managed to return too the old routines of his life, and there was some solace in taking the train to high school or working out simple math equations. His mind and body however would not let him forget about all that he had experienced, nor that he had to push himself harder to be able to make a difference. *I need to put those thoughts out of my mind.* Kuna thought to himself while in the middle of getting back home from school. The rest of the students that mingled with him were talking about the new assistant teachers. "It looks like a lot of those hotties are quite bangable." He could overhear, which just lead to a sigh escaping past his lips while he turned his head to the side. Kuna stopped in mid-stride, a arcade had replaced one of the closed down shops. "This would be the perfect distraction." He muttered to himself as reached into his pocket and pulled out a few dollars he had been saving from lunch. A few minutes later, and he had a pistol gripped in his hands and he was fire it at a screen with zombies shuffling forward towards him. "Take that you undead bastards!"
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PostSubject: Re: Diversions from real life   Wed Oct 13, 2010 6:26 pm

~Diversions from real lifer~
My arms stretch over my head as I leave the music store. I really didn't think that box of flyers would be that heavy or I would have had one of the guys drop it off. It feels like my arms are going to fall off after carrying it all the way down here. As I walk do the sidewalk whining to myself, I notice the new arcade. Pausing for a moment as look inside for a moment before looking up at the name. "Classic Gamers..." This gets my interest and I wonder inside. My eyes light up as the place is full of old arcade games! None of the realm 2.0 or 3D screens stuff. I walk around in a dreamy haze till I see a shooter game. "Zombie King 24!" My eyes sparkle with joy before I hug the side of the arcade game... not really paying any mind to the kid that is currently playing the game as I rub against it and mutter something in a soft voice. I dig around for some money and put it in before picking up the second playing pistol and hit the start button.

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