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 Regretful Following

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PostSubject: Regretful Following   Sun Mar 01, 2009 10:45 pm

The hum of the bike's engine fell to a steady drone as Adrian came to a stop the light shining on a spot in the middle of the woods. He kicked the brace into place before leaning the bike over lightly, supporting it. He sighed as he dropped his backpack and got his journal out. Leaving the light on he moved about setting up his camp site. He put a small pup tent up and tossed his bag in lightly before he moved back to his light. Turning it off he let his eyes adjust to the darkness in the forest. He had come out here at his professor's request, to survey a few of the shrines in the woods.

Always on duty he had gone home and collected his 'research' equipment and sword. While he was out here he could work on his combat style. He made his way to the shrine he'd found earlier. It was the last one he had to do. He knew that by the time he finished the research he was doing he'd have to stay the night, or remainder of it. He wouldn't be back home for a while.

He drew his sword and stuck it in the ground, getting it out from under his coat before he grinned. He stood there writing things, mostly describing the markings on the small shrine. When he was done with it he put the book away and took a tape recorder out.

"It's about half past midnight now, and I'm at the last shrine for this trip. I just finished writing my notes and comparing them with the mythology and history books I brought with me. A beautiful wooden structure, this shrine is well kept for being out in the middle of nowhere. A pattern I've noticed, the ones closer to town seem to be less well kept, despite the larger human presence. It seems the farther out from the city, the better kept the shrines seem to be. It's almost as if the closer we get to suspected clusters of paranormal activity the better kept these shrines are. If my hypothosis is correct then even deeper in the woods I should find some form of brand new shrine. But I'll have to save that for the next trip out here."

Clicking the stop button he sighed and slid the tape recorder into his pocket. He sighed and slid his jacket off, draping it over a branch. He wore simple blue jeans, black t-shirt, and brown boots, under the long grey and black coat. Drawing the Devil's teardrop from the ground he spun, testing it's balance in his grip. He felt it drawing his arm back lightly before he turned.

If he turned wrong with a powerful strike, it could pull a muscle or even dislocate his arm. Briging it around, he grinned. The blade came around in a hard arc as he turned with it. It was much different from handling a katana, he'd tried. But he knew how to fight with a broadsword. He knew how to compensate for it's weight by moving his body appropriately. He was well gifted in swordsmanship, better than most were. But he still had a way to go.


His head turned as he came to a stop, turning toward where the voice came from. Frowning he put his jacket on and slid the Devil's Teardrop into his sheath. He walked toward the voice, his eyes glancing left and right trying to spot what was calling for him. That's when he saw it. The Shouchu was glowing, as he followed the light it gave.

"Who are you?" he asked, his hand moving to grip his sword.

Do you seek power?

"What? What do you mean?"

Do you seek power?

"I don't understand! What do you mean power?"

He covered his eyes as the Shouchu vanished in a flash of light. Where it had been moments before he saw the dark creature. It was hidden in the shadows but he could feel the evil coming from it, and see the red glow in where he thought it's eyes were.

Do you want power, boy? We sense the darkness in your heart.

"Darkness in my heart? What the hell does that mean?!"

But he got no answer. He glanced down and drew his sword as he felt something jab him in the gut. His eyes widened as he fell to his knees. His hands went numb as his strength left him suddenly. He felt the Devil's Teardrop falling to the ground, before he fell to all fours. The wind had been knocked out of him with a single blow!

"Damn... Demons never fight fair. Have to remember that." he muttered.

Glancing up he grunted as he watched the beast lift him to his feet before it's claw dug into his chest. He coughed up blood, his eyes squeezing shut. He felt himself released before he fell to his knees, and then onto his side. He lay there, panting as he tried to force himself to his feet. He got up part of the way, liting his shoulders up until his elbows locked. But the rest of his body wouldn't move. And his arms were shaking. He felt his elbows buckle and collapsed against the ground.

He willed the pain away, accepting it as he felt the strange presene in his mind. It felt like he was wearing a hockey mask, his eyes wide as he lay there. He felt the pain surging through him. But the trick with pain was that it could be stopped quickly by accepting rather than resisting it. But he had no experience with demons. He had no idea that accepting the pain it gave you, could give the demon an opening.

He collapsed against the ground, the world slipping away into darkness. He lay there, breathing slowly, but breathing still. He awoke to the sound of birds chirping and the bright sunlight shining on him. A quick check of his body revealed the tear in his clothing from the attack but they had healed.
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PostSubject: Re: Regretful Following   Mon Mar 02, 2009 3:07 am

Updated. EXP x 1.25. Post to Shin for your reward.
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Regretful Following
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