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 Nicole Grigori

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PostSubject: Nicole Grigori   Tue Jan 20, 2009 3:09 pm

Age: Young Adult (24)
Height: Short
Weight: Slim
Alignment: Good
Motivating Factor: Wander Lust
Role model: Her parents to a certain extent

Character Theme Music:
Three Dog Night - Never Been to Spain
Oliver James - Long Time Coming
Metallica - Wherever I May Roam

Kingdom Alignment: Al'Yak
Current Location: Eurothia, Al'Yak
Class: Kinos
Heritage: Elysia and Nicolai
Title(s): Seductress, Merchant, Small Business Owner, Hugger, Business Student, Warrior, District Manager, Regional Manager, Magistrate, Monopolist
Job Title: Merchant
Money: 854,050 gs
Starting Gear Type: Purse

Level: 19
EXP: 75,000
Bin: 13,444
Rank: A (Advance)

Attribute Capacity:
Strength (W) - 2
Defense (S) - 11
Magic (M) - 17
Magic Defense (S) - 11
Speed (W) - 3
Swiftness (W) - 3
Charge (S) - 11
Bin: 0

Pet(s): Jasper "Jaz" & Pinky

Type: Moogle
Rank: C
Attacks: Moogle Song, Dance, Puff Kick


Site Events Participated In:
A Test of Strength
Tsurugi Tournament
There Will Be Blood
A Warrior's Requiem
Dark Eclipse
Destruction and Creation

Tasks/Campaigns Completed:
Merchant (10)
Business Practices (6)
Activist (6)
Ghost Ship Ahoy
Succubus Quest
Town Hero (2)
Good Deed (9)
Pet Quest (2)
Broadened Horizons
Mystic Aura (Mystic Aura Unlock)
Nether Injection (Demonic Transformation: Attr x2)
Specialist Acquitision (Noel Standish, Overseer)
Municipal Programs (4)
Personal Trainer (2)
Weapon Body
Ultryn Ascension

Job Duties:
Aristocrat (6)

Quest Abilities:
Succubi Charm
Shingai Tetsu
Atmospheric Exert

Training Techniques:
C - Jab, Punch, Kick, Sweep
B - Punch, Kick, Ruby Shards, Topaz Strike, Emerald Pao, Energized Double Strike, Kinetic Rusher, Moonlit Locks, Emerald Triple Shot
Magic (Nether):
C - Summon, Soul Ball
B - Soul Ball, Soul Ray, Necromonger, Shimmer, Soul Bomb, Soul Thief
A - Soular Blast, Soul Bind, Soul Contamination
Magic (Water):
C - Condensation, Wetgrounds, Hydrant
B - Hydrant, Slipperygrounds, Icebind
A - Icespikes, Shattered Shards, Cold Prison, Waterpressure, Cryoblasts
C - Guard, Arcane Sensing
B - Counter, Guard, Arcane Sensing, Focus Guard, Swift Evasion, Parry, Channel Block
A - Channel Block, Barrier, Strength Exert, Illusionary Evasion
Status Effecting:
C - Mage Essence, Elemental Shell
B - Mage Essence, Elemental Shell, First Aide, Berserk/Arcane Berserk, Protect, Intense Sight
A - Revive, Speed of Vision, Clearance
C - Beam Curvature, MagAim Assist
B - MagAim Assist, Mag Quick Draw, Conserve, Limited Honing
A - MagAim Assist, Full Hone, Ricochet

Mastery Training Techniques:
Light Mage:
C - Pulse, Vocalize, Protect, Shell
B - Pulse, Full Heal, Revert, Revive, Limb Attachment, Restore
A - Dispel, Full Revive
Silver Mage:
B - Warp, Teleportation
A - Displacement, Portal

Custom Technique

Torrents Essence
Having absorbed dark vortex energy, Nicole is able to imbue this energy into her summons giving them a +2 category transformation.
Restriction: works on the basis of TEXP for summons
Type: Skill

Plots of Land x5
Large Shop
Moogle Compound
- Equipped: [ Maji Earrings (A) ]
- Equipped:
Head: [ Rose Hood (Wizard's Hat) ]
Neck: [ Pendant of Animal Lore ]
Shoulders: [ Rose Cape (Mana Cape) ]
Body: [ Holygown (A) ]
Back: [ Devil Wings ]
Waist: [ Chanel Belt ]
Hands: [ Blue Ring ] [ Chanel Ring ]
Feet: [ Speed Slippers ]
- Storage: [ Potion, Nymph Plushie, Moogle Plushie, Phoenix Serum (2), Angelbroke Teleorb, Darius Plushie, Elixir, Sonkai Kanshu (3), Opaque Orbs (B), Enchanted Picallo, Elixir of Det'Naw ]

Life Path:
Business - 80,000 (Complete)
Wealth - Complete
Noble - 16,445
Warlord - 2,552

OOC / Matchmaking
- msn messenger address:
- contact to RP: Anytime

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PostSubject: Re: Nicole Grigori   Tue Jan 20, 2009 3:47 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Nicole Grigori   Thu Jan 22, 2009 9:05 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Nicole Grigori   

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Nicole Grigori
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