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 Never looking back (Trainning)

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PostSubject: Never looking back (Trainning)   Thu Oct 28, 2010 5:23 pm

[Flash back]
A warm breeze that seemed to extract ever bit of moisture from the area exhaled across the arid land. The dry wind ruffled the White hair and long red robes as my eyes closed softly and let the dessert’s breath follow around me. The heat of sun was beating down on my frame with a familiar ache for my homeland. Though I yearned for it I was right in the heart of what appeared to be my old village, but a younger better version, that persuaded the darker days ahead. Some where in the back of my mind I knew it impossible to be here, but I wanted it so badly and without reserve, that I refused to discount this as anymore than a dream. The sounds that filled the air were so familiar to me: the murmur of voices as people traversed the market place, the soft clang of clay wind chimes, and the voice of my mother calling me home. I was surprised at the way she addressed me at first.
“Blokime!” She shouted from her tent and gestured for me to come. The word was not a good one; it was the mark of an outcast, as were the designs on my face. How she could know what had transpired after her death I was not sure, but also not entirely surprised. Even if she was not fully aware of the events leading to my banishment, the markings I carried would be enough to warn her of my current standing within the community, or lack there of.

Ducking threw the fabric door and into the tent, it was much as I remembered it. I’d grown up here, and my mat in the corner was still untouched. As a child of the Akatoushian clan I was raised to understand my families abilities and pride. But being a child to a non-clan member, had robbed me if the safety of my family. I was shunned as was mother, and no permitted at family or clan events though my mother seemed always aware of them. A few clan members would come to us in secret from time to time to evaluate my progress. It wasn’t that unusual, they wanted to see if my impure blood still possessed the clan’s natural traits. I never saw my father however, except from a distance on the streets or at major events when he would give speech. It was hard to live a life where mother and me were so close to the clan and yet still held at arms length. As I grew older I had come to see how we where truly viewed. I was often nicknamed outsider, or bastard child. Where other members of the tribe had full names such a “Shaddi, son of kakhi, and youtui” I was “Enriji the bastard child of a slut” in formal terms. My mother had no husband and was simply called a slut, whore, and unladylike or traitorous woman. It enraged me as a young teen when I realized what we’d been refereed to all my life but my mother was a soft spoken and kind woman and it was her good nature that always halted my anger.

I remembered my first real birthday party, in which there were more than just my mother and myself attending. It was so real and vivid in my mind as the events replayed. Most of the clan came as I remember; all expect the most esteemed members like my father and his family. It was my 18th birthday and if I did hold the traits of the clan that day would be the day that they would appear and I would be more than just a bastard child but an accepted member of the clan. My mother was very nervous for me, this could change my life and social status in the clan, if I was blessed with the clans traits I would even have a chance of marrying back into the clan though not as prince like my half brothers. Still even that would better than being shunned as an outsider.

The festivities carried long into the night, there was dancing and food and music. Still fear and uncertainty over shadowed some of the merriment for my mother and me. Once the sun had fallen and the stars risen in its place the clan gathered around the Shamans tent and the ancient woman emerged. She was stooped over and used a cane to hold kept herself propped up as she approached me. She motioned for me sit next to the fire and I did, she soon joining me. She told me to close my eyes and I obeyed as she reached her hands out and began to chant. The clan members watched, I couldn’t see or hear them, but I could feel their intense gazes on us. The chant seemed to go on for an eternity and I preyed to the gods that I would not disappoint my mother and father or the rest of the clan. Then the chant stopped and the old women removed her hands.
“Enriji, bastard child of a whore, fate has been unkind to you, but you still have the strength of your father, to change your stars and take your rightful place among the family. The Dook that connects us all maybe weak within you, and your blood forever stained with tertiary, a heart of darkness can not be unstained…Open your eyes and accept the fate chosen for you.” She spoke and my eyes opened. There was a long silence and then a few gasps. Fear coursed through my body, had I failed the test? Was the ritual incomplete? I quickly turned to the shaman and a soft smile broke across her wrinkled lips and eyes. Kneeling down she placed a mirror in my hand. I stared into it and saw the reflection not of my younger self but as I was now, the ghostly wolf like eyes of the clan in place of the human ones that had once been there. The Dook was what the clan called it, it meant the sight or magic it was the clan’s bloodline shinning through and I had it. My mother was happy and tears rolled down her sun swept cheeks as she just nodded in approval.
“From this day forward you will be Enriji Akatoush” The shaman said, the symbolism of the last name meant I had no clam to my father’s lineage but as a clan member I was accepted. [End flash back]

Suddenly I jumped forward lurching out of the dream and back to reality. I caught my breath as I stood and looked over the countryside lit by the half moon. The clan had taken me in only to have them slaughtered before my training had barely started. Now that bastard had taken over the village. And exiled the only possible hire to the throne, me to live as an outcast once more. Part of me wanted to go back and avenge my mother, my father and my clan from the hands of that man but I knew it would difficult and I would have to wait until I had mastered my abilities before I would be able to do so.

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Never looking back (Trainning)
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