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 Kazakura at work

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PostSubject: Kazakura at work   Sun Oct 31, 2010 9:54 pm

A few things while I'm at work that everyone needs to know :) Happy days.

1. I will only be on every few hours to try and post a few posts (unless people are here then I can't get online at all)

2. No messenger. Sorry guys can't download the thing onto the computers

3. I will check my pm's often

4. On sat night and into Sunday morning, I will be off and on until around 530ish am (est.)

5. I start from the oldest post that needs my attention and work my way up the list. (for the most part)

Please bare with me on the weekends and please do not get angry if I skip your post or I take a little while.
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Kazakura at work
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