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 Division 12 - INFO

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PostSubject: Division 12 - INFO   Fri Nov 05, 2010 12:04 am

Division 12 Headquarters

Division 12 is specialized and secretive division of SaiCity's police force. Instead of enforcing the law, this division focuses on protecting the city from spirit or demonic breaches in the background as they occur using technology and SWAT team precision. They have a division for research and development which supplies the gunners and main attack force with weapons. The R&D department study demonic corpses exploring topics in physical and spiritual science. Their public cover and appearance is similar to that of the secret service; it is generally passed off as the Precinct for the city's Elite Police.

The building is extremely secured. The facility is open to the public much like any police headquarters, but all things of spiritual nature are hidden on floors off limits to civilians. Escalators carry general traffic through the first three floors with special elevators requiring key cards to access anything above the third floor. Bio molecular scanner on the elevators are added to identify ranking members of the Division 12 and permit them access based on rank.

Floor Assignment
12: Commissioner's Suite
11: Judgment, High Court, Executive Suites.
10: Conference floor.
9: Tactical Command Center, Systems Monitoring and Advanced Control.
8: Tactical Command Center, Equipment and Hardware.
7: Help desk, Operators, Civil Monitoring Systems and Routing.
6: R&D Floor - Level V
5: R&D Floor - Level IV
4: Level III Sub Precinct, Lieutenant level offices
3: Level II Sub Precinct, Administrative Suite, Captain level desks and offices.
2: Level I Sub Precinct, Non Operational Personnel, Administrative Assistants.
G1: Public access, Receptionist Desk, Super Police Historic Museum/Gallery, Gym, Cafe, Break Area.
B1: Armory, Garage, Storage, Motor Cage, Underground Firing Range and Physical Training Facility.
B2: Experimental Realm Training Areas A - C.
B3: R&D Specimen Holding, Experimentation, Dissection and Bio Testing.
B4: Ultra High Security Prison Holding.

* Access can be customized by person for ease instead of having levels associated with them. Accessing a certain floor is dependent on the personnel's custom access and purpose.
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Division 12 - INFO
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