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 Kyro Corporation - INFO

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PostSubject: Kyro Corporation - INFO   Fri Nov 05, 2010 12:46 am

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Kyro Corporation
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» Possibly one of the oldest companies around. Kyro Corporation has always been in the shadows of the other four within Saichuushigai, and now are showing what an assets they are to them. Because of developments in their private hospitals and even some military developments they are slowing gaining footing within the larger corporate world. Kyro Corporation acts as head to their two branches that they have created steadily over time, investing in businesses that began to make a marketable profit. Joining with the Ootori family to fund their medical business was one of the first steps that Kyro Corp took into stepping much more boldly into the medical realm where business never falls due to a constant demand for better medical facilities. Their most recent endeavor that has been been building itself for many years is Nyte Industries. Weapons contracting was a business that became a new way for Kyro Corp to deepen their influence and their allies around Saichuushigai.

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Subsidiaries Of Kyro Corp.
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Ootori Pharmaceuticals
» // This is the largest branch under Kyro Corp. The Ootori family have a long standing partnership with the Kyro family that included many marriages to tie the families closer together, though the Ootori family are not the ones in charge. This branch is in charge of medical research and development along with running their own private hospitals within Saichuushigai. They also have several of their own doctors involved in many of the medical studies at SaiU. This is to place only the best within the university to teach the future doctors that will come to be employed by them.
In conjunction with Nyte Industries the Ootori family is also known for training their own private police that are used to protect those of Kyro Corporation.

Nyte Industries
» // While one of the smaller branches, Nyte Industries is still a bit new in its creation. This branch is into weapon development along with several advancements in technology to aide those without the ability of spiritual awareness (i.e. The Police and some of Div12) to be able to fight demons and the like. Alot of Nyte Industries involves making newer weapons though. The weapons trade allows the Kyro family to be in the good graces of many and this has not been seeming to slow down in the slightest.
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Kyro Corporation - INFO
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