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 How to: "Stamina and Health"

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How to: "Stamina and Health" Empty
PostSubject: How to: "Stamina and Health"   How to: "Stamina and Health" EmptyFri Nov 05, 2010 2:45 pm

How to find a %!
To find the % of something the first thing to remember is a % is just a number of 100. So to turn a % into a whole number you move the dot over two places to the left.
ie: 30% is also 0.30
ie: 20% is also 0.20
ie: 10% is also 0.10
Now we take this number and times it by the number we are trying to find the % of.
ie: 10*0.30=3
So in this ie. 3 is the same as saying 30% of 10

1. The Stamina and Health on your bio are whole numbers, not %s.
You start out with a 100 points of Health and 100 points of Stamina.

2. Stamina Drains and Damage taken are whole numbers.
Strong Drain uses 30 points Stamina.
Strong Attack does 30 points of damage to Health.

3. Reductions are %s taken away from Stamina.
Affinity reduces Stamina cost by 50%
Honed reduces Stamina costs by 10%
Mastered reduces Stamina cost by 20%
Perfected reduces Stamina cost by 30%

4. Reduction DO NOT ADD TOGETHER they are to be added as followed:
Affinity > Skill rank > Misc
ie: Affinity: Movement uses Godspeed of Perfected Rank. Godspeed is Mid drain.
20-50%= 10, 10-30%= 7 Drain cost is 7 Stamina
ie: Affinity: Melee Weapon, uses Swordsmanship of Perfected rank, has Weapon Endurance of Perfected rank
10-50%= 5, 5-30%= 1.5, 1.5-75%= .375 (I would round this up to .5 or 1) so Drain cost is .5 or 1 Stamina

5. Glancing blows are %s of the Damage done to Health. (This is a lot easier then finding Stamina cost)
ie: Strong Attack does 30 points of damage, Attack rolls a Delta (only does 60%)
30-60%= 18 Damage taken is 18

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How to: "Stamina and Health"
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