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 RPs waiting for Posting

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PostSubject: RPs waiting for Posting   Sat Nov 06, 2010 9:28 pm

The following are Group RPs that have not been posted in with in the last 3 days, and are not posted as being sent to UYB. There is no need to reply to this Forum. (AKA I don't care why you haven't posted or if the RP is done.)

Back To Work (Ingel, Nikki, Jyn) (Last post Oct. 23)

The first day of hell (Last post Nov. 2)

Don't Help Me {Sousuke} (Last post Nov. 2)

Phantom [Recruiting Thread] (Last post Nov. 1)

A Candle in The Dark (Last post Oct. 22)

Release from this World [Seijin] (Last post Oct. 22)

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RPs waiting for Posting
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