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 More than Human

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PostSubject: More than Human   Thu Nov 25, 2010 3:10 am

It was a trap, but one I was more than willing to walk into. Especially since if I didn't my sister was likely going to be bait for the next one, and I wouldn't subject Kaoru to that. I walked into the kendo club, not caring that the door slid shut behind me. They had to know I wasn't stupid enough to fall for their stupid tricks. There were five of them. Two by the door, each holding a wooden sword. The others were Kisuke and his lackeys. He pranced around like he owned the kendo club, even though he was nothing more than a junior member, despite his skill.

I stood there in the middle of the room, my eyes narrowing. Kisuke had a smirk on his face but I'd be wiping it off soon enough. That is until he nodded, and my sister was dragged into the room. Playing dirty was something I wouldn't put past him, though I didn't enjoy the fact that I was about to fight in front of my sister. Well it's her own fault for telling me off in front of them. But it still didn't give them the advantage that they wanted.

"Since you can't fight in front of your sister, things are going to be interesting." Kisuke taunted, grinning at me. "But I know you're not going to let us beat you up. So we'll just have to pummel her if you do something we don't like. Now get on your knees."

Not saying a word I moved to kneel, glaring up at him. My eyes shifted to my sister who had a worried look on her face, but I wasn't about to let them just have at her. I watched Kisuke pick up his sword, and bring it down toward me. I leaned forward, the weapon cracking across my back with a painful strike. It hurt but I wasn't unprepared for it.

I was outnumbered, worried for my sister, and very much angry with the people around me. Even the two at the door who looked worried, wouldn't do anything. They hadn't signed on for this, but they were probably afraid of Kisuke more than they were about anything else. He intimidated others, that's how he got his kicks and how he kept them all in line. But this would only last so long. They weren't going to stay loyal forever.

Growling low in my throat I moved, my eyes narrowing as the red shift occurred again. Coming up, my elbow slammed against his gut, before I spun, kicking him hard in the side, before I stepped toward the two near my sister, both of whom moved to attack her. Growling I felt my hand burning and looked to it. The dark flame in my hand flickered before I thrust it forward, the black flame exploding out toward them.

They screamed as they were set on fire, their weapons falling to the floor as they rolled around on the ground to put the flames out. Kisuke's eyes were wide as I turned to him, the flame still in my hand as I moved toward him. I watched him back up, trying to crawl away from me. I watched him go for the real sword on the wall, and just smirked. If he was going to play with real weaponry, then he'd just get hurt.

I watched him as I readied myself. My feet were set at shoulder width, and my knees were bent lightly. My arms were drawn back, black flames in both my hands as I watched him, waiting for him to come at me. I just grinned and licked my lips, praying he'd come after me. I was ready to end this game of cat and mouse. I wasn't going to be picked on anymore. I was above him on the food chain and I was about to prove it!

I watched him hesitated as I smirked. He was frightened, and thinking twice about coming after me.


But my rage vanished when I felt a soft pair of arms wrap around my waist gently. I felt my sister pressing her ample chest into my back and the fires in my hand died out. The world was still red. My rage was still there, but I wasn't about to let my guard down around Kisuke or his lackeys. They were bound to try something. At least it was for a while, up until they all rushed from the club room. Sighing I let it all go, my strength vanishing as I felt my sister clinging to me.

"Let's go home." I said.

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More than Human
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