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 The Legendary Growlancer

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PostSubject: The Legendary Growlancer   Thu Dec 02, 2010 2:13 am

My eyes narrowed as I came to a clearing in the woods. It had been a few days since I'd found the information I'd needed. After years of searching I'd found it, the Growlancer. Now I just had to find it in person, not just using the library, internet, and other things to pinpoint it's location. But I was getting close now, and it was only a matter of time until I found it. And even then I could only hope and pray that the Growlancer was still there. If it was then I would be unstoppable. The Growlancer, according to legends, was supposed to be the most powerful weapon out there, but nothing I could dig up ever explained why.

Putting my backpack down I took my map out, before opening it. With a compass in my hand I took my pencil out and began to judge my current location, before nodding. Taking my canteen out of the pouch on my hip I took a long swig from it. Frowning I glanced around, it was getting dark or it would be soon at least. Picking up a near by stick I sighed. I brought a flashlight but it was best to be prepared. Who knew when I'd find the place, and I'd rather conserve battery life.

Putting my stuff away I carried the fallen branch over my shoulder, supporting the weight as I walked. Yawning lightly I made my way through the woods, not sure where I was going. Growling I looked around, my eyes narrowing as I went. This place was beginning to give me the creeps. Even as I walked, it felt like something was following me, or a ton of things out there watching me from all around.

"Hello?" I called, sure that nobody was around to answer me. "Of course nobody's around, I'm alone. This was really smart Leon... At the least I should have come to the director or someone. I mean there must have been countless students at the academy that would love adventure like this. But then I'd have to share the Growlancer, and there's no way that'll happen."

I turned, seeing something large and furry coming at me. Crying out I stepped back, my eyes wide as I fell backwards. I screamed and turned, my eyes wide as they turned red. The world fell quickly before I grunted my wings expanding suddenly before I came to a stop instantly. Smirking I slowed my fall and came to a stop. Looking back up I frowned. That was a pretty long fall into this pit. Would have been even longer, since the floor suddenly gave out. But my wings were still in place as I glanced down at the spikes.

Apparently whoever made this place didn't want anyone to show up unexpected. The thing had given me only enough time to get my bearings before opening to the spike pit. Looking around I smiled and turned to face the passage before floating to the edge. Stepping forward I nodded, entering the first passage.

"Well, that certainly would have made a bad day even worse. Let's see what else there is to find in this place." I said, looking over my shoulder.

My eyes narrowed as I looked for the fallen branch I'd brought with me but couldn't find it. Growling I rub my eyes realizing I'd dropped it in the spike pit. Well that wouldn't help. Putting my backpack down I pulled out the old leather bound book I'd found a few years ago, followed by my flashlight. Turning it on I smiled and began reading.

"Let's see... After taking the first step and avoiding the failure of the countless unknown, you begin your journey. Half way through the passage you'll find a button." I read aloud to myself.

Moving down the hall I looked for what the writer had mentioned. It had taken work but I'd found it eventually. Pressing it I frowned, hearing a rumbling. Turning my eyes narrowed before I felt my blood run cold. Coming down, a panel in the roof released a boulder that began coming toward me.

"Oh fuck." I muttered, before turning and running. "CRAP-CRAP-CRAP-CRAP!"

Diving through the entrance I panted, my body hitting the ground in a roll, the sound of a large crash behind me. Well I certainly wasn't getting out that way, not now anyway. Opening the book again I looked at it.

"Half way through the passage you'll find a button." I said, turning the page. "Do not press it! What the HELL! Why mention it at all?!"

"To throw off idiots like yourself."

"Yeah that makes sense... Wait a minute, what the fuck?" I demanded, looking around.

Stepping from the darkness of the massive chamber around me I saw it. A tall hulk of a tiger with horns coming from it's head. It looked rather impressive, though I wasn't sure I was going to have trouble or not with this thing. With a smile I turned to face it, my eyes still glowing red as I watched it.

"Why did you interrupt my rest boy?" it demanded.

"Because I didn't know you were going to be here. Otherwise I wouldn't have made a noise." I replied, grinning.

"I smelled you when you entered the pit boy. Why are you here? Few who seek the Growlancer ever see it. Only five, people have ever made it through the pit. And five have fallen in this room much to my belly's enjoyment."

"So when was the last time you ate, kitty?"

"Humor out of desperation. You feel fear so you wash it away with comedy. You will be my next meal, child. Draw your weapon and let's fight this out. I enjoy a good fight before I eat."

My embarrassment increased. If I'd been bothered by the feelings that button brought out, then I felt even more foolish to come without a weapon. I watched him, watching me, the tiger waiting patiently as it sat there on a fallen pillar.

"You didn't bring a weapon? What were you expecting to find here?" he asked.

"Um, well I expected to find a weapon." I responded.

"Alright, so let's see. If you know how to fight what would you like to use?" the tiger asked, looking off to it's left.

Following his gaze I frowned, my eyebrows raising as I stared out at the large array of weapons there. Swords, staves, spears, bows, and everything that you could imagine. It was nothing less than amazing.

"A creature like you, honorable?" I asked.

"Very honorable." he said, laying down. "Please hurry it up, I'm getting very hungry."

Nodding gently I shrugged and took a fighting stance. I wasn't any good with a weapon though I'd have to learn after getting the Growlancer. At least then I could fight with something. But this would be fun. Me fighting against a creature like this with nothing more than our natural weaponry. He just seemed to grin at me the way cats do a mouse. I waited and watched, my eyes narrowing as it jumped, pouncing toward me it's claws extended.

It looked much like the maneuver that I'd used in combat, 'tiger climbing mountain'. It was a skillful attack from above! With a quick step forward my hands struck upward. It's body went up as I pushed it's paws up with my strike.

"Strike the Summit!" I shouted.

With it's body turning back it's back paws came forward, it's claws extended. Turning I spun on one leg, my other coming up in a spinning back kick, the tiger's claws tearing at my bag, tearing it wide open. As I came around my heel slammed against it's back.

"Strike the Center!" I said.

As the tiger hit the ground I kicked off the ground my body flipping forward before coming down toward it, my heel blazing with the black flames.

"Falcon drop!" I shouted.

The tiger roared as it was kicked, it's body rolling to put the burning fur out. before it came up turning to face me. My eyes narrowed as I stepped forward my foot stomping as I took another fighting stance. I watched it carefully, it was likely in pain though there was no way this fight was over that quickly.

"I haven't fought a monk in ages. This is going to be fun." he declared.

Then he moved, his body shooting left, then right before it pounced, all paws at the ready, claws extended. If it had been a human It likely would have been similar to a Monkey Strike. An advanced move, but I was no beginner. Stepping forward I dropped to my knees, my back arcing as I slid along the ground in a power slide. But unlike most rockers my body was back, nearly flush with the floor as I slid forward. Coming up I turned, my leg coming up in a kick to the Tiger's ribs. The toe of my boot struck home at the tiger's ribs, and I heard and felt the crack. I watched it fall to the ground with a sickening thud.

Waiting I watched it, but the tiger didn't move, It didn't get up or roar or anything. If I was right then my attack had caused a broken rib that pierced it's lung. It wasn't something that would kill it instantly but would be losing it's energy rather quickly. But I had won. Turning I walked away, heading off toward the small room off in the distance. I could see light coming from the ceiling, shining over a small golden thing on it. Moving toward it I reached out, picking the golden ring up before slipping it onto the middle finger of my right hand.

"Not bad. But what the hell, someone took the weapon and left a ring?" I wondered.

As I stood there wondering I felt the ring change, stretching over my hand, forming a large iron knuckle with spikes on it as I stared around my hand, covering me from wrist to knuckle.

"Woah... Magic ring. I like it." I said, before walking away.

Stepping outside I frowned, the Tiger leaping at me. With a quick jab to it's throat the knuckles dug in, as it's claws raked over me. Growling I smirked as it fell on me, dead. Shoving it off of me I sat up, the weapon reverting back to a ring before my very eyes.

"Now that is very cool. But the Growlancer a ring? This makes no sense. Now how the fuck do I get out of here?"

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The Legendary Growlancer
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