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 Hitorinji Awakening

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PostSubject: Hitorinji Awakening   Mon Mar 02, 2009 9:51 pm

Adrian stood on the roof of the apartments he lived in, deep in the academic district. He wore sweat pants, and a blue t-shirt. His grandmother's blade the "Devil's Teardrop" was heavy in his hand. His eyes closed as his head tilted back, trying to block out the sounds that were assaulting him. His grandmother's diaries had once said there were humans that were, for lack of a more imaginative word, superhuman. They were capable of feats most people would never have been able to perform. They were faster, stronger, and all around physically better than other members of the human race. He was hoping to find his own powers, to find his own path.

But he heard it coming despite trying to block it out. He hadn't been able to ignore the spirits no matter how hard he tried. Someone once said, "When you long gaze into the abyss, the abyss long gazes into you." This was something he was learning the hard way. For years he'd tried to ignore the spirits around him, demonic and angelic, but no matter what he couldn't ignore them. They somehow managed to drag him back from his 'fantasy' world of no spirits.
"You reject a powerful gift given to you by someone that loves you. Why?" the spirit behind him asked.

The words seemed to indicate it was not a vindictive or evil spirit. But Adrian had fallen for that before. He would not allow himself to fall for that trick again. Spirits could hide themselves with magicks and were able to disguise their intentions. He would have to come up with a way to overcome that.

"I reject this curse. This is no gift. I desire only peace in my life." he said, opening his eyes and turning to face the spirit.

Standing before him was a tall woman clad in black. He couldn't identify what it was supposed to be but it appeared to be leather. Either this was some form of succubus, or some spirit that wanted to be one.

"There are few humans that can hear and see spirits these days." the spirit said.

"I don't care. Tell me what you want, so I can get this over with. Are you looking for someone to help you cross over? Or are you looking for a human to possess? Or maybe you're looking for a human soul that you can eat?" he asked, watching her.

"I guess I should be honest. I am here to have some dinner." she said, moving toward him.

"Fine. Let's go." he said.

He brought his sword up in front of him, his eyes narrowing. As he watched the demon he saw her coming before he drew the blade back, slashing with both hands gripping the hilt. He watched her lean back, his blade cutting her cheek lightly before he spun, throwing his weight to bring the blade down across her neck. His eyes went wide when his blade missed completely. She'd stepped inside his blow and slipped under his arms as he brought them down. She kissed his cheek, taunting him as she jumped back. He shifted his grip and brought his blade around in a horizontal slash, missing completely yet again. He panted lightly, his eyes narrowing before he brought the weapon around, thrusting it toward her.

He saw it in slow motion. She flipped forward, his blade passing under her! As she came up she smiled, balancing perfectly on his blade as if she didn't weigh a single thing. She giggled and kicked him. Adrian staggered back, one hand coming up to his face instinctively the other drawing the blade up vertically raising the sword above his head.

He panted, staring at her, his eyes narrowing as he brought the blade up above his head. He panted lightly grinning as he stared at the hungry demon that was obviously toying with him. He could feel his face throbbing in pain, though he forced it away. He grinned darkly as he felt the words deep in his mind before speaking them out.

“Dark Metamorphosis...” he said.

He felt the dark glow encompass him as he grinned. He shot forward, watching the demon's eyes widening as he brought the blade down, literally bringing it down through her, cutting from shoulder to waist, in a cross the torso slash. But it wasn't a solid hit. She was bleeding bad, but he hadn't done enough damage to kill her just yet.

Cursing the demon kicked out, knocking his blade high into the air, throwing it over the edge of the apartments before she lept forward, her hand reaching for his throat. He saw the
surprise register on her face as she felt the cold steel of his blade passing through her. He grinned as he looked into her eyes.

“Demon's never fight fair... I probably should have said that my sword comes at my command. It manifests when I desire it, from wherever I desire it. But then again, it doesn't matter. I wont be granting you any form of special treatment... Now, return to hell.” he said, forcing his blade up a bit in her body, widening the wound, “Thank you for helping me awaken my true self, though.”
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PostSubject: Re: Hitorinji Awakening   Tue Mar 03, 2009 3:46 am

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Hitorinji Awakening
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