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 .Sentience - Jigoku [Flashback Quest (Simple)]

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PostSubject: .Sentience - Jigoku [Flashback Quest (Simple)]   Thu Dec 23, 2010 1:04 am

It had been a long day at work for her. School and workng at Moonbucks really was a pain in the ass. But she refused to take money from the accounts her grandmother had for her because then the old woman might try and lasso her back to Kyro Corp to take on that office internship she had been asking Shiori to do since she left high school. Why was it that her life had to have so much drama and stress. She was only twenty three and she felt so much older at times. She was too young for all of this. She fell back onto her bed with a sigh, still dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. She toed off her sneakers and curled up on the bed sheets, the bed still unmade from that morning when she had rushed out the door so she wouldn't be late for her morning class. Why the hell had she agreed to take fucking physics at nine in the morning. Her brain wasn't a functioning tool till about eleven. She yawned and closed her eyes. She could nap for a bit before Yume would come home and ask for help with dinner. Her eyes began to flutter closed and feel on her new demon blade as it remained propped up by her bedside. She smiled at it and shut her eyes, never seeing the glow it gave off before she fell into the land of dreams. Only... This was not going to be the normal dreams she was use to.

THe world she arrived it was odd. A meadow of tall sweet grass. She turned in a full circle, confused. But when she faced her original position that she arrive in once more. She would find a man standing there. He was dressed in an old samurai style, a wide brimmed straw hat tilted over his face and hiding it. "Hello?" she said and his hand rose, tipping the hat back a bit. A pair of crimson eyes gleamed at her from the shadows of it.

"Well. Well. Benn centuries since a Master could see me. How interesting you are, Little Butterfly," he said and she frowned.

"Who are you?" she demanded the next moment and he chuckled as he fell into a fighting stance, hand falling to the katana tucked into his obi. Shiori fell into her own and was surprised when her own had fell onto a katana attached to her jeans.

"I'll tell ya my name if you defeat me," he offered and Shiori smirked, eyes flaring with excitement at the challenge.



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.Sentience - Jigoku [Flashback Quest (Simple)]
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